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WELCOME TO THE AUSTRALIAN STAND UP PADDLE COMMUNITY! has been fortunate to be part of Stand Up Paddle (SUP) since it's inception, with a thriving SUP Forum , Stand Up Paddle Board & Paddle reviews , a massive listing of used Stand Up Paddle boards & paddles for sale in Australia's only dedicated SUP Buy & Sell.

We've also got SUP events listings & club get togethers , fresh Australian SUP news and articles , including contributions by pro riders. The massive sup photogallery contains many years worth of australian SUP photos.

The forums are famous within the Australian Stand Up Paddle community, and is the 'go to' place for Australian SUP. Stand Up Paddle Barrel If anything is happening in SUP you'll find it here. Events, sessions, get togethers, injuries, travel, board discussion, how to & tips -

you name it - there are so many helpful crew in the forums that just about any SUP question you have can be answered. The Seabreeze forums are about having a good time - share the knowledge, share the stoke and help each other out. Just be wary that it's full of Australian humour, so don't get too serious!

SUP has so many disciplines, lets point you at some links to get you going in the right direction, and out on the water fastest and easiest. Stand Up Paddle - the basics How to paddle your new SUP board - a series of videos How to cut your paddle down to the right size Stand Up Paddle Surfing This is sometimes the 'poster child' of SUP, although many more actually do flat water paddling. The biggest challenge new stand up paddlers face is wave etticate. Catching your first wave on your SUP Already Surf? Some tips about the transition to SUP How to get out through the whitewater on a SUP How to catch & ride waves on your stand up paddle board How to be a winner when catching waves! How to do advanced wave moves on a SUP

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Stand Up Paddle Basics Most new paddlers are kooks - watch videos on how to paddle Stand Up Paddle Downwinders Downwinders - take your SUP on a wild journey! Downwinders - they can be dangerous - read tips to make it safer Reading runners makes you faster - here's some tips Repair your Stand Up Paddle board How to repair damage to your Stand Up Paddle board UNDERSTAND THE WEATHER

Australia is home to some of the best SUP conditions in the world. From warm weather, rivers, perfect surf breaks, you will have plenty of awesome days out. But, there will be days where the weather patterns don't line up so well, and are suited to SUP - strong offshore winds are not suitable to beginners, whilst strong seabreezes are idle for those wanting to do downwinders. By reading the weather forecasts, synoptic charts and watching the clouds you can make an informed judgement of whether it's safe to go out, and what kind of gear you'll need for the day. helps you out by providing 7 day wind & wave forecasts , as well as live wind reports for your local area. Seabreeze invented the "Red/Yellow/Green Arrows" concept for representing wind, so if you hear someone on the beach talking about it being "it was all green arrows", you'll know what they mean!

Handy weather articles:


There are plenty of SUP brands available to choose from, but choose the wrong brand, and it really does make a difference. As an example, consider a brand such as Naish who have a strong heritage based on decades of windsurfer designs, kitesurf boards and surfboards, who then applied that knowledge to SUP, and produce an excellent result. Unfortunately, there has been a flood of brands who are putting some horrendous shapes and construction out for sale, with the invitation of cheap cheap cheap. You know the saying .. buy cheap, buy twice. Some of the major reputable brands available widely in Australia include:

And don't forget, if you're after a used stand up paddle board , you'll find hundreds on offer in the Seabreeze Buy & Sell .


Airborne Osbourne Park (08) 9244 4474
Action Sports WA Balcatta 0433 982 696
G Spot Extreme Geraldton (08) 9965 5577
Stand Up Paddle Sports Australia Geraldton (08) 99231000
SOS Sail and Surf Fremantle (08) 9430 7050
WA Surf Safety Bay 0420 746 897
West Oz Boardsports Safety Bay 0438 591 755
Windforce Nedlands (08) 9386 1830

New South Wales

Windsurfnsnow Collaroy (02) 9971 0999


Kite Action Caloundra (07) 5491 3065
Kitepower Queensland Clontarf (07) 3284 1186
Ocean Addicts Maroochydore (07) 5309 6624
SurfConnect Brisbane (07) 3137 0500
In The Loop Brisbane (07) 3137 0500


RPS The Boardstore Elwood (03) 9525 6475

South Australia

Onboard Surf - Glenelg Glenelg (08) 8294 3866
Onboard Surf - Port Noarlunga Port Noarlunga (08) 8382 6729


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