The Vaz Brothers Score an Indo Ripper on "The Find"

Anyone know knows the spot, knows just how shallow it us. It's not just shallow too, it's reefy, it's fast, the wave is hollow and the face is chopped up. But when done right, this is an epic ride on a shortboard, let alone a SUP!

The Vaz Brothers, Caio and Ian are on the hunt for the worlds best waves. Not the biggest, not the fastest, and certainly not the cleanest by the look of things - just the best. This left hander (and a sneaky right) in Indonesia is one of them, and armed with a car full of SUPs and their mates Felippe Gaspar and Lucas Medeiros, these four score an epic session.

It's part of the Vaz Brothers new web series called 'The Find', and by the looks of their first episode below - it's going to deliver some exceptional viewing for stand up paddle surfers.

Check it out below.