The second generation Hydrofoils have hit SUP - Naish Thrust


With a pro like Kai Lenny leading the hydrofoil charge, it’s no wonder Naish are first on the board with a second generation hydrofoil designed for SUP and windsurfing. Following their Malolo from last year, the new Thrust promises better performance and is dedicated to surf foiling.

Complementing the first generation Malolo foil, which was designed more for downwind foiling, the new Thrust is partnered with a new board called the Hover, which is a convertible windsurf/sup board designed specifically for foiling. Blending the two, surfing and windsurfing is the same concept used by Slingshot with their foils, and you can be sure that the other big crossover companies, Starboard and Fanatic will follow in the next couple of months too.

But back to the new stuff – sporting a new wing design, interesting (big) vertical stabilizer and what looks to be the industry standard 70cm mast, the Thrust is one very sleek looking foil! We only get a glimpse of it in the new videos from Naish (below), but things are certainly stepping up a notch in the hardware game.

As for this new ‘Hover’ the convertible Windsurf/SUP board – it’s a vanguard style shape with flat nose, typical yellow/red Naish scheme and full size deckpad with footstraps for windsurfing mode. You’ll find a track based mounting system for the foil on the bottom, allowing individual settings to suit each rider and their chosen sport, be it windsurfing or SUP surfing too.

Stock is expected in local stores soon, but to put your name down for what is going to be a very popular combo – drop by your local Naish dealer!


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