Twenty Five Dogs. One Stand Up Paddle Board!

25 Pups, well, there was 26 but one thought it best to abandon ship!

They call him 'The Dog Whisperer', and who could argue when Chris De Aboitiz went for a paddle with 25 dogs, and himself, on a stand up paddle board this week.

It was an unofficial world record, but only because nobody was there from the Guinness Book of records to witness it. But who cares, it's on camera for all to see, and the whole thing wasn't about breaking records, Chris De Aboitz said, "It's good to bring awareness to how to better understand your best mate. They all had fun, nobody drowned, it went great!"

You might have heard of Chris before, he runs some amazing clinics for dog owners, teaching them how to train their pups to do not only the basic stuff like sit, stay and fetch; but to surf! We've written a few articles based on his methods which you can find here, otherwise, start training with your pup and you too could be best mates with a world record holder.