When should you call a wave 'overhead'?

As one Seabreeze.com.au community member points out, over who's head?

For yonks, surfers have been describing waves as 'overhead', but among the bragging and the exaggeration comes an understanding of the type of waves that particular surfer is telling a story about. Usually, it's around 3-4ft swell height, which breaks at a height of 6-7 foot. Sure, most people aren't 7 ft high, but by the time you put them in a trough, with knees bent and half a carve - that wave is overhead.

The same goes for windsurfers, who tend to refer to waves as 'logo high' or 'mast high'. Most waves referred to as 'Mast high' are considered with the sailor at the bottom of the wave, in a bit of a carve, with a 430 mast. What's 'logo high' you ask? Sails all used to have logos between the second and third batten of their sails, now - they could be anywhere!

While nobody will ever come to an agreement on the true definition of 'overhead', bring the topic up next time you're down the beach. You're sure to get an interesting conversation out of it!

In the meantime, dive into the Stand Up Paddling forums right here on Seabreeze to have your say.