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Change the date

Created by cauncy 4 months ago, 26 Jan 2022
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28 Jan 2022 7:12AM
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Crusoe said..
Carantoc said..

Bananabender said..
...why can't first nations celebrate the day the eighteenth century came to town.

Some probably find that deeply offensive Bananabender.

Being in Qld you wouldn't understand.

The eighteenth century hasn't reached Mark McGowan yet.

I can't tell, but I hope they included Cocos and a dotted line to Bali.

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28 Jan 2022 7:15AM
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eppo said..
FormulaNova said..
One of my earliest memories about Anzacs was when they taught us about it in history at high school. The futility of landing on a beach and getting decimated by people in the cliffs.

If everyone is taught the same thing in school, then there should be no misunderstanding of it being a victory.

Maybe it does get diluted down as people forget what it was about or what a waste it was and people just see it as a chance to have a day to drink and do nothing?

If anything, maybe it 'celebrates' mateship and looking after others? Whether that's a popular thing in today's world is a different discussion.

No it's pretty much taught like you said. Including the bumbling British command.

Good to hear. If nothing else, reminding kids of these things is a reminder that bad and stupid things can happen.

I guess for the people in command they had no other idea and just throwing people at the problem seemed to be the solution. A very different response would be needed if you had to actually do what your troops were doing..

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28 Jan 2022 10:55AM
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JulianRoss said..
So Australia Day should probably celebrate when we became a federated nation. January 1, 1901.....

I agree, and as the first is already a holiday make the 31st the holiday. Then we can all have a day of to get ready for the new years eve party. And one less leave day you have to use up at Christmas when the boss makes you take the days of.

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28 Jan 2022 12:57PM
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Only one fireworks night required in the nation as well?

I like it hp

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28 Jan 2022 1:55PM
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All you blokes that want to freely bend over and take it.
Pfffffttttttt, I wont. Australia day is the 26th of Jan. and thats it..
hey we have our rainbow days naidoc week, female days (thats every day) even LGBT day.
now Just leave us proud australians the **** alone and let us celebrate being australian, hey and if your not proud and dont want to celebrate, just **** off and leave us alone,, i dont annoy you on LGBT day.

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28 Jan 2022 7:08PM
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The way I see it the Britains chucked out the Romans after 350 years occupation and went back to living in thatch roof abodes and tribes why not the same happen here if not happy.
The timing is nearly the same


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