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Another suggestion for Lightwind Kite, pls…

Created by Saferider 6 months ago, 30 Sep 2016
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3 Oct 2016 7:10PM
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kemp90 said.....Or another option is to use a small kite and foil board. You will get out sub 10knots for sure if you have the right skills

Thanks kemp90 for your suggestion. About the "foil board"...Maybe one day...

New watchlist...

Kite characteristics: Beginner friendly with easy relaunch for a 5,2 Nugget and a 82kg rider in around 8-18 knots condition on flat water.

LEIs: (Core XR and Flite are getting top position now...)

1. Ocean Rodeo Flite (2014 / 2nd generation or later) 14.5m/17m
2. Core XR3LW or Core XR2 LW 15 (very light but bit harder to relaunch compared to Turbine)
3. Slingshot Turbine 15m (for the easy relaunch, relatively light 8.8 lbs which is a key to LW, but slow turning)
4. Slingshot Rally 14m (would do great in 10-15 knots)
5. Ozone Edge 15m (Especially V8 seems very nice, but not easy relaunch in light wind and slow turning..race kite)
6. Ozone Zephyr 15qm
7. Liquid Force Solo 15.5m (not so beginner friendly, but interesting kite indeed...strutless/singlestrut kites have good line tension but sit deeper in wind window and result in weaker upwind. Also relaunch could be iffy)
8. North Dyno 15 (another race kite)
9. Cabrinha Velocity 16 (another race kite)

- Cabrinha Crossbow LW (2013) 16m
- Cabrinha Contra 15m LW (2015/2016)

- race kites are not the best LW choice - they deliver upwind but not good drift and are usually slower

- FS Speed III, Lotus, V 15 vs 18/19m (...usually handles lulls much better compared to LEIs in LW, but important to find a used in very good condition!)

Out of the list…
Airush Vantage 18m LW / Airush VXR 13, ASV XR 17,5 Race (2013), Blade Fat Lady 17m are not on the list anymore, since they are also pretty hard to find used in the market where I am buying...

Help me to correct/ narrow down the list even more or simply state your "top 3" out of the bunch...

(Have a nice offer for a - Cabrinha Crossbow LW (2013) 16m atm, but heard the re- launch is very hard in LW….There is also a new 2013! Flite out there at a reasonable price atm, but not sure if 2013 will do well....will do some research on that...)

NSW, 82 posts
4 Oct 2016 1:29PM
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I'll do you even better than 3.
1. Ozone Zephyr - 17
2. Slingshot Turbine - 15

NSW, 674 posts
5 Oct 2016 2:52PM
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Look at a 17m BRM Cloud.....

I have flown quite a few of kites you are considering (Dyno, Edge, Fat Lady, Chrono) and my preference is the Cloud.
I kite with Zephr, LF Solo and Core 19m guys and I am always the first one out.

My riding requirements are light wind, free ride ...... Nugget is good light wind, CrazyFly LW Door is great light wind, LF Fish Foil or Slingshot Hoverglide are great light wind.

WA, 149 posts
5 Oct 2016 9:37PM
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bigtone667 said..
Look at a 17m BRM Cloud.....

I have flown quite a few of kites you are considering (Dyno, Edge, Fat Lady, Chrono) and my preference is the Cloud.
I kite with Zephr, LF Solo and Core 19m guys and I am always the first one out.

My riding requirements are light wind, free ride ...... Nugget is good light wind, CrazyFly LW Door is great light wind, LF Fish Foil or Slingshot Hoverglide are great light wind.

zephyr 17 works for me from 14 kn (I am 110 kg) but it is hard to keep it in the air below 12kn regardless your weight. Sounds like Cloud is a better option if you can get one second hand

NSW, 565 posts
7 Oct 2016 9:10AM
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Hey saferider,
the flite is the way to go.

If you look at any video review over the last few years between the kites listed above, it's always the clear winner.
Any 17 m kite has grunt,, except the zephyr, that's why people ride it St 25kts, but bar the flite, they all have idiosyncrasies that make them dull to ride.
With the cores, the 19 is strong but so slow, the 17 is quick but backstalls in LW and has inferior upwind.
The contras are slow, turbine - slow, infinity - slow, fat lady - slow + back stall, Griffin - bar pressure + poor upwind, dyno - slow.
It's true what fly on the wall said that ozone are better once you can already kite as they are famous at the repair shops. They have less stitching than most brands and as such, they break more regularly especially if you push yourself or are a new. Edges are very slow also.
The LF solo gets good power also but again high bar pressure and slow reaction time are a negative.

Between my group of mates we have owned nearly every brand listed and the flite smashes them all. I fly a 14.5m and ride a Lite 159 x 46.
I'm 75 kg and it's rare that I wish for a 17 but it does happen occasionally, but my mate has one anyway.

The nugget is awesome for LW and is a lot of fun, but a door will allow you to make upwind in the shallows where the current is weaker. This can be a session saver. I'd say nugget for 11 kts + and the door down to 8 kts.

Speed, light bar pressure and upwind are what you want. Plus the flite drifts like a helicopter. The only thing it sucks at is relaunch in big surf. This is due to the light weight Dacron that is easily folded in kite munching waves. Because it's so light, it doesn't spring back as it's more easily staying folded. However I kites 8 kts in the surf at currumbin on Tuesday and was the only one out. Also with a fast upwind kite you can jibe into waves easier and you can learn jumps, rolls & loops in slow motion. Light wind kiting rules.

NSW, 229 posts
8 Oct 2016 6:21PM
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I am surprised no one has mentioned the Switch Helium LW kites. They come in 18m and 15.5m. Great bomb proof kites which is important as a beginner as they are huge kites which you will no doubt drop them a few times.
They don't pull like a truck, one of the easiest kites I've ever flown. Just park it in the sky, forget about it it will stay there and you can focus on your board skills

WA, 23 posts
8 Oct 2016 10:33PM
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Hi, I am 89kg and have a ball on my 2014 Zephyr until it literally falls out of the sky. I was able to kite way longer this year than many of my buddies because they had smaller kites. Point to note, we are all on TT's.

WA, 155 posts
10 Oct 2016 5:05AM
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94kg and my 2016 Zephyr is the bomb. So many incredible light wind sessions and often the only one out. Worth every cent.
Note that in light stuff I do use a big board. 150 x42 Gonzales. Once it's at 15kn, it easily powers my normal TT.

WA, 541 posts
10 Oct 2016 6:13AM
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i have the perfect kite for you in perfect condition 2013 crossbow LW Light Weight edition only selling because i have nearly a dozen kites and have now got 3 13m kites >_< check seabreeze buy and sell and get back to me

NSW, 108 posts
10 Oct 2016 4:45PM
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Can recommend the Zephyr 17 (only comes in one size) for lighter winds. Easy to fly, goes well upwind, easy relaunch and huge wind range for when the breeze picks up. I'm 75 kgs and can fly mine into the low 20s before changing down. See if your local Ozone shop has one you can try. A few good second hand ones about too.

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27 Mar 2017 9:30AM
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Sorry guys but like some said 14 or 15 knot I use my Switchblade 12 and jump, why would you use a 17M for 15 knot ? I Use TT, and I am trying t find an inflatable kite for hydrofoil as low as possible

QLD, 294 posts
28 Mar 2017 2:43PM
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Saferider said..
Anyone recommend a Foil Kite? How about a FS Speed III or Lotus in 15 or 19m ?

I was about to say the same thing.

I have a Speed 3 15m and it's really a session saver on low wind days, around 10knots. I weigh 81pies, so should be the same as you. However, as a precaution take a surfboard or a directional, or a foil, etc. Twin Tips have to be big and broard to give you the edge in light winds.

NSW, 674 posts
28 Mar 2017 10:48PM
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Not sure how deep you location is... but my light wind journey ended with a super light LEI called a BRM Cloud + Zeeko foil and/or a crazyfly LW door for shallower flat water.

Nugget or Evo in the surf.

I use 30m lines for super light wind.

I know you are new at this, but if you are in eight knots a lot, you will need a hydrofoil with an LEI/foil kite or a LW door with a foil kite.

I owned the dyno, edge, griffin, fat lady, chrono, cloud kites .... ended up with only the chrono and cloud. Hardly ride chrono's cause I get sick of removing weed from the bridles after drowning them in no wind conditions. Cloud makes an excellent pool noodle in no wind conditions.

Heaps of great advice from all the contributors.

WA, 24 posts
29 Mar 2017 2:03PM
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If you haven't added the FlySurfer Boost to your list., you really need to get out and demo the kite.
Am 125kgs dripping wet and use an 11, with the adaptive bridle, in less than 10 15knots. am on a 170 Fly Surfer Flydoor.
My mates are using 10 Switch Nitro & 11 Fuel they are 65 & 85kgs with heaps more experience than, I have.
James has the Boost2 for demo.

WA, 431 posts
4 Apr 2017 9:00PM
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Thanks for the plug Johnnydiesel :)

one thing ive not seen mentioned in the above comments is line length. I'll throw in a curve ball :)

I'm now regularly riding a 5m kite as a 1 kite quiver on my hydrofoil. (Ok that is important and not relevant to you... Yet). In light wind I use 36m lines (std 21 + 15m extensions), and above 20 knots I use 21m lines. I am absolutely stunned at how much difference line length makes. If you already own something around 10-12m, then why not spend $100-150 on a set of extensions and give it a crack. Failing that I also have a Cloud 17 listed in the buy / sells section. With my 36m lines, I don't need anything bigger than a 12 now. I've also sold my 15 Boost 2 as well. (Disclaimer. Ok can get away with a 5 in 12-14 knots primarily because when foiling I can make sufficient apparent wind to sustain my momentum. A TT is much less efficient. But you will find a 12 on 35m lines will be much more powerful than the same kite in 21m)

WA, 957 posts
4 Apr 2017 9:54PM
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Yep I agree with James, line length is a ''game changer'' in marginal conditions. I would also add that thin ''race'' lines are a must if you're gonna regularly kite at or below 10 knots. Thin lines greatly reduce drag, allowing you to lengthen your lines above 30m lengths without the bending and dragging effect. You get much longer power deliveries during the water start phase which is often the most difficult part of marginal wind kiting.

Light wind boards are great in marginal conditions but nothing can match the performance of a hydrofoil.

Large kites are slow, heavy and generate a lot of drag. Smaller kites can develop power very quickly as they move much faster, hence why we are able to hydrofoil using 5m kites in sub 15 knots winds.

Light wind kiting is at least 50% skill and the rest is a combination of board selection, kite selection, line selection, etc.

Even very experienced kiters out there have things they can improve in their light wind skills. Being efficient in light wind takes many years of practice, hard work and perseverance.


WA, 23 posts
18 Apr 2017 9:30PM
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Saferider said..

I already went through some forum threads regarding light wind kites on this site and this was maybe asked before 100 times.

I am a beginner and I completed my basic kite lessons. Since I live in a light wind area, I am looking for a kite for the wind range around 8- 18 knots, suitable for beginners and the most important characteristics for a beginning kitesurfer.

I do own a 2011 Switchblade 12m (which I know is famous for its low end), but struggle to use it below 14 knots, which we rarely get here, especially off-season (little to no wind). Therefore I like to add some kite for lighter winds to my quiver, so I can practise more.

Weight 82kg

Years of experience: 1

Board: Nugget 5.2, 2015 (riding with straps but goal is to ride strapless.)

Riding style: hooked, mowing the lane, little jumps.

Spot: mostly clean flat water, no waves, little chop further outside, not crowded!

Wind: mostly side - onshore

I am intended to buy used and already have some kites on my watching list (Best TS, Ozone Zephyr, Ocean Rodeo Flite, Airush Lithium, Naish Fly, Cabrinha Crossbow LS.), but I struggle to choose especially the right size and also year.

I am also looking into Foil Kites (FS III Speed etc.) but not sure how user-friendly those are.

I understand that what is the perfect kite for one, may not be the perfect kite for another. Testing is not possible where I live neither nearby and your suggestion would be much appreciated. Thank You !

Kite: ?
Size: ?
Year: ?

Rather than a LW Kite, what about a 13/14m and have some line extensions avbl. Even try line extensions on your current setup.

19 Apr 2017 8:44AM
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Hello Saferider,

You should consider the F-one Breeze 13m or 15m. This kite is performing so well in light wind.. Have a look at the official video:

Jack - F-one Australia -

QLD, 294 posts
21 Apr 2017 2:18PM
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Is there a Cloud distributor here in Oz?

NSW, 674 posts
21 Apr 2017 9:45PM
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NorthernKitesAUS said..
Is there a Cloud distributor here in Oz?

No.... you can only get them from Greg @ boardridingmaui .... or second hand.

VIC, 128 posts
Monday , 24 Apr 2017 10:33PM
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I've used the nugget contra 15 combo, and at 85kg, it will be going well when all but a foiler are on the beach or heading downwind.


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