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Flysurfer Soul 10m

Created by drsurf 3 months ago, 19 Nov 2018
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19 Nov 2018 3:05AM
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Disclosure: I sell Flysurfer, Moses, Naish & Konrad products.
After giving the 6m Soul a good workout with the usual 12 knots plus wind here, last Saturday had a a forecast with red arrows all day, less than 10 knots and South Easterly which is usually gutless and no good for wind sports.
I rigged up the 10m Soul, gave it a partial inflate and with a few tugs on the front lines it rose up slowly and fully inflated in about 30 seconds. The wind was very light with little static pull on the bar, but the kite sat easily in the sky with no tendency to overfly or back down.

I had a Moses 590 foil, 91cm mast on a Konrad Versa board which I figured would be a good match for the kite, wind strength and my 65kg weight. The wind was nearly dead onshore with a small shorebreak, but it wasn't hard dragging out as the kite pulled lightly but steadily until I reached deeper water beyond the break. A couple of dives of the kite to get the feel of it and I was up on the board and then onto the foil. I later checked Seabreeze windspeed readings for the day at the nearby measuring point and it averaged 8 knots.

Although the kite didn't feel particularly powerful in such light wind it still got me up and going with ease even without a downloop. Downlooping helped when gybing especially as my foil gybes are a bit crap. I was on the water for over an hour and even in the light patches never lacked the power from the kite to keep foiling. The small SE swell made the tack slightly angled to the shore a lot of fun as the hydrofoil accelerated and the kite just drifted along with minimal pull. The water was relatively smooth compared to the usual bay windchop making for fewer crashes and decent speed when I headed off the wind and felt the Soul take advantage of the apparent wind. Upwind angles were excellent as well considering the wind speed. I didn't get a chance to relaunch the kite as I didn't drop it. I've no reason to believe it wouldn't be just as easy as the 6m Soul but I didn't want to drop it deliberately and tempt fate to shut the wind off completely and give me a soggy swim to shore. When I reached shore I pulled the rear lines to back the kite down by myself, as there was no-one else on the beach, and then just walked along the rear lines until I reached the kite and sanded the tip. Easy enough in light wind but I'd be cautious with this method in stronger wind.

So no surprises really. A good foil kite and foil board extends your time on the water even when the wind is pissweak. Even though there are a few other foilboarders usually at my local beach, I was the only one there and had the beach to myself. They all have inflatable kites however. No doubt with a larger Moses 633 or Nash Large Surf foil I could go a couple of knots lower in wind speed and still have fun. If you can keep your kite in the air you can foil. Being lightweight helps a bit too
Contact me if you'd like to demo any of the gear mentioned above. I'll try and remember to get some pics in future.

Have fun, Dave (Dr Surf)

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19 Nov 2018 7:32AM
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Although your kite looks and flies amazing, there were other factors why there was no one there. I have been able to get out in less wind on my 10 Reo and Spitfire xlw wings and I weigh 82 kilos. I am down there by myself a lot. Now that you are getting into foiling you will find more solo sessions as well. Technique plays a huge part in extending your time on the water, the kite is but one equation. I was busy that day doing other things.


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