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Kite hire in Cains

Created by Nug > 9 months ago, 9 Sep 2012
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9 Sep 2012 11:11PM
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Hi I'll be flying into Cains for the second week of the school holidays staying with the family.
Not sure if I should bring my gear or just hire it up there is that possible? If I bring my own il be well our luggage allowance.
Can anybody recommend places to kite and where I can hire some gear from.
Cheers Nugget.

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13 Sep 2012 9:41AM
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closest place to Cairns is yorkey's knob. There's a kite shop there called kiterite. I'm pretty sure they'll hire you stuff. Palm cove is also quite popular as is Port Douglas. Anywhere up the coast really.
If you can convince the family to spend the arvo on Green Island that would be your best bet for kiting. Best chance of wind anyhow. mid to high tide only.


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