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Sunova Creek 9'4" vs Sunova Placid 9'4"

Created by JustGettingWet Wednesday, 21 Jul 2021
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Wednesday , 21 Jul 2021 2:51PM
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Seeking opinions on the pro's & con's of Sunova Creek 9'4" vs Sunova Placid 9'4".
I'm 100kg 185cm intermediate SUP surfer.
Love the Sunova SUPs just not sure which way to go.
Any feedback greatly appreciated

NSW, 48 posts
Wednesday , 21 Jul 2021 5:39PM
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l have owned both, the creek is a great board but the placid is amazing and a much better design, l am 6'3 100kg and had the 9'7 which was way to big, l now have the 9'1 and find it super easy but more suitable to smaller surf 1-3ft as its very rockered and lacks glide for early entry but very skatey and fun. l would also highly recommend the 9'6 Sunova Kanga or the 9'3 Smik Hipster, both are great all-round performance board.

VIC, 2010 posts
Wednesday , 21 Jul 2021 6:32PM
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For what it is worth, I would not go for a 9'4 placid at your height and weight and intermediate skill level. I am 100 kg, 6'3/193 cm and I would describe myself as intermediate but I ride the 8'7. It surprises me just how stable it is. Now, I have owned it since they came on the market, and I own many other Sunova boards (Acids, Speeds, Flows, and more), so I may have learned how to handle it a little better than someone who is new to the board. Last year, purely in the name of science, I pushed my weight up to 108 kg and I could still ride it.

It is not the fastest board, but it is the board I reach for under almost all conditions these days, from 1.5X overhead powerful waves, to smaller placid waves. In chop and mush you can keep on surfing. In better conditions you can really throw it around. It does not have the slicing speed of an Acid or the new Flow, but you can't have everything!

I have not tried the Creek because I own a couple of Speeds and assumed that when on the wave it would ride the same way (they share the same tail). That may be an incorrect assumption.

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Wednesday , 21 Jul 2021 7:24PM
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CSE said:
"I have not tried the Creek because I own a couple of Speeds and assumed that when on the wave it would ride the same way (they share the same tail). That may be an incorrect assumption"

Totally incorrect
The Creek is so much faster and much easier to turn when running down the line.
Yeah, I know.... the Speeed is called the Speeed..... but the Creek is much faster

ok.... differences between the Creek and Placid
I have had:
Placid 8'10 and 9'1
Creek 8'10, 9'1 and 9'4

I am 107 kg, and old as dirt.
On sizing:
the only Creek I ever use is the 9'4 because everything special about the Creek shows up in the 9'4.
Something about a little extra size in the Creek that brings out the best in it.
The smaller Creeks lack ease of use, glide, and overall performance that I find in the 9'4.

I did not like the 9'1 at all.
It was simply too big and the nose seemed to get in the way.
I got the 8'10 and freeking LOVE it..... totally different board than the 9'1.
Super fun and snappy... a pleasure to surf.
I prefer it over the Creek now.

Major differences between the Creek and Placid
The Placid is way more stable than the Creek... I'd say that my 8'10 Placid is easier on me than my 9'4 Creek.
Creek is much faster and will handle any size wave up to DOH... and any conditions
Placid is much snappier, and excels up to head high.... not the fastest board, but fast enough and easy to pump for speed when you need it.

If I was going on a trip to an island with size and juice, I would take the Creek, hands down.
If I was going to surf mostly average waves, Placid is the easy choice.

Walter asked:
"Seeking opinions on the pro's & con's of Sunova Creek 9'4" vs Sunova Placid 9'4".

I say the choice should be Placid 8'10 vs Creek 9'4
Either would be a great choice, but as an intermediate... I would lean towards the Placid 8'10
The 8'10 will sit low in the water, but something about this board is just plain comfortable and settled.
as I say, I am 7kg heavier than you and 73 years old.... I still find the 8'10 Placid very easy.
You could go 8'7 but I don't think you would find the same benefits there.
I have paddled the 8'7 with ease, but never had a chance to try it in surf yet..... I think it would surf great but be a lot more work.

As SydneySUP said, the Kanga is a totally amazing board.
Super simple to use and seems to excel in everything.
For your sizing, I'd say consider the 9'1... no need to go too small with the Kanga because it surfs so well in bigger sizes.... why struggle?
I have the super huge 9'6 x 33.5 Kanga... and it has basically become my goto board for most everything.
My next board will most likely be a smaller Kanga, so I can compare the different sizes... probably 9'0
You will need deeper pockets to go with the Kanga.

SA, 2 posts
Thursday , 22 Jul 2021 2:17PM
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Hey guys. Thanks for the input - very much appreciated.
Lots of time thinking and reading but I guess it comes down to doing it.
Pretty well sold on getting the smaller Placid. Sunova stocks are pretty low around Australia ATM.
Thanks again especially to STC - your detailed insight always is welcomed by the majority.

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Saturday , 24 Jul 2021 1:30PM
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Morning guys.
The only boards I own and use are 2 Speeeds. An 8.2 and 8.5. Love them both and haven't thought about new boards in a long while. till I read these comments.
I find the speeed excellent in fast overhead waves but you make me think I may be missing out in not having a more manoeuvrable board.
Im heading to Maldives shortly. COVID permitting, and was planning on just a 8.2 Speeed.
I met a local Sunova user recently who talked up the Placid.. Just when I thought all couldn't be better.

QLD, 4033 posts
Saturday , 24 Jul 2021 5:46PM
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I have not ridden these bigger sizes in waves ..but have ridden the 8,7 placid and 8,10 creek ...
as said ,the creek is a faster board and i did have it in some real size waves in the maldives ,it handed it well
Not as loose as the placid ,both carry 125 litres ,the placid is more of a throw around board ,i how ever don't really like it in big waves
as the nose width at high speeds seems to give it lift ,which is what you don't want when screaming down a big wave ,but in mid size waves I would alway ride the placid .so basically if you are riding mid size waves the placid will probably give you more fun on the wave .
Tannaman ,maybe think of the flow ,maldives waves have some serious grunt and the faster rocker of the flow would be the one i would take
I have not ridden the speed ...because someone was alway using it on my trip and never got the chance ,but a few of the good surfer that did ride it really liked it ,.but i think with its speed it would be pretty good ..over there too....

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Monday , 26 Jul 2021 10:17PM
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Thanks for the input Tardy.
Ill probably just carry on being happy with the Speeed. Our Maldives trip is up in the air at the moment because of covid. We have the option of October this year or April May next year. Our plan was to surf the Central Atolls area. If anyone has an opinion re Oct vs April \ May?
I know with surf trips it is so hard to plan so best choose a time and hope for the best.

NSW, 54 posts
Tuesday , 27 Jul 2021 9:47PM
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Hey Tardy, where/how would you rate the naish Hokua in amongst these boards. I've been looking at an 8'3" and read an older thread where you've enjoyed them. Be interesting to get your thoughts further down the track. had acouple of waves on a 9'6" Hokua on the weekend and it was suprisingly loose, fast and stable but with my lack of experience I'm probably not a good judge. Soz to hijack the thread JGW with a yellow herring!

QLD, 4033 posts
Wednesday , 28 Jul 2021 7:46AM
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GIddday backbeach ,I have had a few x32 and yes they are a loose board for their size and 32 wide make them a easy stepping stone to getting to smaller boards ,and my best memories where on those boards ...they are very thick railed boards so that where it lets them down a bit ,and being so high a rocker board they are slow ,at times soon as i jumped onto the sunova's Flow was my first one ,i noticed how fast they where ..and seem to ride a bit more like a surfboard .as you probably know i ride 125 litre boards and 8,7 long ,The hokua is still a fun board in mush ..i have not ridden one for some time ...There is the Hokua and x32 hokua ..i mainly had the x32 .but i don't think i could go back to the fat rail again ...i like the new flow with very thin rails cuts the face of the wave like nothing else ...and is very fast ..
but if i was comparing hokua x32 to flow or creek it is the speed of the sunova's that is the biggest difference you would notice ..
I still have 3 naish boards ...i do like their foot pads better ...


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