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Sunova Search 14' Nozza "Ningaloo"

Created by Nozza 5 months ago, 5 Dec 2018
VIC, 2039 posts
27 Mar 2019 8:13PM
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So deck pad time.......
I ordered orange, white, and yellow pads from Australian Jet Ski Parts (curiously) which arrived without problems.
Used the Nozza as a start point , having traced that pad off a PSH 12', nice to keep the DNA continuing.

Pictures can tell most of the story.

Obviously not big enough for the Ningaloo

Left it there for a couple of days while work intervened.

VIC, 2039 posts
27 Mar 2019 8:28PM
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Back to it.
Doing a tri colour pad on a 2 piece board, let's not make anything easy.

Moved the front forward, obviously there needs to be a join at the join.
Filled in patterns to the join......

Traced mast box, vents......
Very little of the curve at the side is actually a curve - mostly straight.

Pattern complete, colour changes traced.

I cut a 45 degree on the outside edges.
Top and bottom become very important, as you need to work on the bottom of the pad, cutting things in negative.
Time to grab another beer....

VIC, 2039 posts
27 Mar 2019 8:35PM
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Cut the pattern in to colour parts....

Anal labelling of "orange top"......"white bottom" ..... "outside"........."join"......
Start to cut, knife for the straight cuts, angled matt cutter for the edges.
So much for the pictures telling the story......

Now the fun part

VIC, 2039 posts
27 Mar 2019 8:44PM
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Slit the backing on each bit down the middle.
Duct taped one side down, applied the other.
The way lengths and joins panned out, the hardest bit with the handle at the join was just about the smallest bit.

Still a high stress stick down.

The orange and yellow aren't right, but I've done better on the dog chewed look of the edges and the handle......
Another beer....

VIC, 2039 posts
27 Mar 2019 8:51PM
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But will it come apart again?
The white on one bit ended up a bit short, the other bit a bit long, but we're talking millimetres.
I got the board apart on my own without a problem....

Still felt weird....

The orange isn't quite right, and the yellow is wrong, but I'm happy...

Needs railsaver, but that was enough stress for now.....

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27 Mar 2019 5:56PM
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Nice work. You deserve a beer after that. Be interested to see how the Nozza and Ningaloo compare.

NSW, 2147 posts
31 Mar 2019 10:03AM
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So stoked mate- it looks awesome! So glad it arrived in two pieces - for once!
That is an excellent deck grip job there, as well. Nice work!
Cannot wait to we see it playing in its real home around the reef.
Another epic Nozza tale has only just begun!

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1 Apr 2019 3:22PM
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You got skillz.

Thats a great job, I like the slightly different colours. Looks good on the board and lifts the look, makes it brighter somehow.

Looking forward to seeing on the water.

VIC, 2039 posts
2 Apr 2019 4:48PM
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Well the first paddle still hasn't happened.
A couple of days on the OC1

Coupled with some conflicting things to do, and a weekend of Melbourne weather kept me off the Ningaloo.
Having done the prerequisite minor damage driving it around in the Kombi, returned to the loft for some Railsaver.

Had some older stuff in stock.
I don't particularly like the more prominent graphics, but decided I could live with it.

Decided on the position of the join, and pre cut the Railsaver.

Only standard width, so easier again, but still high stress.
Ready to go....

Using the soap and water method.
Pre heated the Railsaver with the heat gun so it stayed unrolled.
Did the front half first

Ended up with a slight overlap, separated the board.

And trimmed.

Second side.

Had a slight gap rather than an overlap this time.

Finished up with the heat gun to get the edges down tight.

Loaded on the car for tomorrow, all ready, no excuses......

VIC, 2039 posts
3 Apr 2019 3:46PM
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So time for a paddle.
Warm morning, light northerly.
I had transported it in one piece on the roof - I'll get in to a building it exercise later.
It floats!!!

VIC, 2039 posts
3 Apr 2019 4:30PM
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Things just went very strange internetty wise.
I'll start another.
Hopped on, very stable.

But it is immediately noticeable you are very close to the water - not like a 14' x 30" race board would be.
Had an exploratory "bounce" - the board flexes, but I couldn't tell the difference to a single piece.
Off for a cruise.

The board tracks well, not too much side to side.

Shoot the jetty.

Having a ball so far - warm, fish in the water, birds in the air, quiet, peaceful.
Return paddle still glassy.

Breeze had started to swirl around a bit, settled in to a light headwind.

Which quickly became a pretty significant headwind with chop whipped up quickly.

Getting way more exercise than I had planned on, the board behaved perfectly.

Got to a point I could turn cross wind, cross chop not a problem.

In to the shallows and calmer water, tried some sideways and turns.

Feels stable when back, but it's noticeably further back than on the Nozza.
Negotiated the shallows, set up for a wash down.

Very pleased with the board as a flat / choppy water cruiser.

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3 Apr 2019 6:28PM
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Hey Nozza,
those two
Nozza's are fantastic.
nice mancave , but where's the sofa lounge for sleeping on (when you've been declared an illegal immigrant by wife #1)?

Good to see Ricketts point/Beauy cliffs again

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4 Apr 2019 3:15AM
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VIC, 2039 posts
4 Apr 2019 4:07PM
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Got my Surf Aids Stretchie cover delivered today after ordering Tueasday.

Good fit.

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5 Apr 2019 10:00AM
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An old jag as well???

what else? A 1942 WW2 BMW sidecar? A fully functional Gatling gun? An Egyptian mummy under the bench?


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