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Bubble head

Created by LastSupper > 9 months ago, 28 Jan 2018
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31 Jan 2018 6:06AM
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pumpjockey02 said..
Surfers ears are a combination of sand, ear wax and cold water, wind will chill the water through your ears. As your ears get repeatedly exposed to the cold sea water the bones shrink inwards, closing the hole for the ear to resonate sound. Sand needs to be included as this forms the blockage with the ear wax (cholestoral).
It is unlikely that you would get surfers ear paddling in flat water as your ears flush the water out when standing up.
All earplugs will stop the sand particles in the water and therefore stop the problem too.
If the mesh over the ears is fine enough to stop the sand particles then it should work too.
Remember that sand particles are present in most ocean pools as well as at the beach.
The operation is extensive. If at all concerned see a doctor for a flush of the ears and use ear clear peroxide, which dissolves the wax, and leave it in for a prolonged period.
Your ears when cleared will revert back to a more normal position when using the ear plugs or ear clear.
A check is turn on the TV, if you can hear the TV on 10-12 volume setting then your ears are okay. IF your 22-30 volume youve got a blockage. 35-45 you need a good syringing.

Thank you colas I retract my statement as this is only my theory behind surfers ear and not through scientific evidence or medical experience.
For more current medical advice seek medical advice from cold water regions like US, Europe, Southern Australia, South Africa.
Or Forum members from these areas like Sup the Creek and Colas.

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31 Jan 2018 6:55AM
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Had my left ear bored end of 2016 as it was 90% closed over and couldn't see my ear drum any more! Other one is at 80% and will need doing in the next couple of years. I've worn plugs since first diagnosed 12 years ago and it took a long time to get to a stage where it needed surgery. Never used to wear anything on my head through UK winters with the naivety of youth!

Been through so many plugs, I just use zoggs swim plugs now, anything with leashes etc get caught and vanish at some point. Got sick of spending out on expensive plugs and I've hardly ever lost the zoggs and if i do they are about ?4 a pair rather than ?30+ a time!!!

The surgery techniques have improved massively, I had mine done with a 4mm chisel which is a lot less damaging to internals and heals way quicker. The recovery was not that pleasant though!

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31 Jan 2018 9:39AM
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DiscoStupid said..

Gboots said..
Ok thanks Colas.....but this doesn't look like a loop in the picture . Seems to just go behind the neck

The video at the bottom of shows how they attach best.. go to about the 35 sec mark.

Thanks DS..... that shows it . Much appreciated

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1 Feb 2018 4:53PM
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Even seals seem to develop it!

Although in their case, the researchers think it may give them an evolutionary advantage by protecting the eardrum during dives.

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1 Feb 2018 8:45PM
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colas said..
Even seals seem to develop it!

Although in their case, the researchers think it may give them an evolutionary advantage by protecting the eardrum during dives.

I think thats why I've got hair growing outta me ears

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16 Sep 2018 9:17AM
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Needing a new wide brim kook hat ... what's the new options...?
with meshed ear chin strap, white or lite colour , stiff front peak soft ,mesh breathers.
Reason I'm asking is my years old O'Neill expired last time away.
Only hat I was able to find with meshed ear chin strap was FCS bucket hat, turned out to be a sea anchor with its full stiff brim ,kept getting pulled off . Looking for a stayer Thanks

NSW, 249 posts
16 Sep 2018 7:45PM
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I've just started using surfers 2.0 for surfing and on the sup. I've been using them with the leash but have not had them fall out yet and if anything I have to work them quite hard to get them out. I am planning on ditching the leash and just plugging them in. I only really need them for one ear, so will use just one with the advantage that if I do loose it, I have another one to replace it as the left can easily be switched into a right.

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16 Sep 2018 6:48PM
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Big hug ->

SA, 28 posts
17 Sep 2018 2:54PM
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Big Hugg
Another option for broad brim is Ocean and Earth brand.


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