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Created by GreenTea Two weeks ago, 18 Nov 2019
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20 Nov 2019 10:48AM
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hilly said..

The spots I go over here had way more sups 2 to 3 years ago. We are a special case in the Wild West as it is windy as feck a lot of the time which makes sup hard work. But even the dw crew has dropped off heaps. Bit of foiling action but only the odd crew here and there. I have my sups for sale with no response at all. 10er Smik and 9 6 Sunova.

Same. Perf's windy as and the SUP surfer numbers seems to have dropped from my POV even in the last year. Wonder if the race to low volume had something to do with it? I know when I went down to a lower volume board, I nearly gave up SUPing in frustration to return to longboarding as I lost all joy in my small amount of recreation time just trying to stay afloat. Didn't inspire me to get out there. Since finding a stable but awesome surfing longsup, even in Perf's wind, I'm look for any opportunity to get out there now. Plus, surfing in Perf in the summer months was not a thing until SUPs came along. Now there is joy all year round, and my shoulders don't get sore from prone paddling. I've also have more waves in the past year than in probably the 10 years prior on my longboard. BTW, love the info on this page from all the contributors - very useful and inspiring.

QLD, 712 posts
20 Nov 2019 2:09PM
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MangoDingo said..
Without a shadow of a doubt - SUP has saved my a**e from spinning out into some mundane oblivion of domestic mediocrity.
No real chance of (prone) surfing where I am, and I still skate bowls and banks.
But SUP - man - There's no turning back. I'm in. Flat out - It's turned an (almost) empty coastline into a freakin' wonderland of possibility! And kept the flame of punk alive.

I remember Brenno saying in a thread once, something along the lines, that it doesn't matter how you do it - all that matters is that you're riding waves. I agree. As long as the gills are wet and you're having a laugh, you'll be right.

I paddled the new 14 Search on the weekend - and ended up spending an hour sitting out the back just having a yarn with an old mate. Watched sets roll past, laughed and talked about all sorts of rubbish.
I actually find it hard to believe that crew are dropping off!
SUP (like surfing) ain't a sport - it's a way of life.

(to quote SuperTramp) - crisis, what crisis?

SUP 4 Life

Too right MD

And the other gem of wisdom I keep for anyone that says "Oh you don't surf, you SUP" (including my proner kids) is the dictionary definition of surfing

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20 Nov 2019 7:53PM
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I'm not sure how to Quote on here so I've nicked STC's main points and I'll add to them if he doesn't mind.

"What seems like a slowdown is probably more like this:
1 - SUP performance has found it's happy spot, so many have acquired a quiver that will suit them for a long time

2- Most have achieved a sufficient amount of experience, that the thirst for learning has settled down, so less time on forums.

3 - Since the initial flood of new SUPster, new adopters are still coming to SUP, but their numbers can't rival the initial rush."

Point 1) Yes, this has definitely happened to me.. I'm happy with my quiver now and the only other board I'm thinking of now is the Placid.. And theres two good threads on here about that, so thats brilliant.
Point 2) Yes, I agree with this too.. a few years ago we had a core of about 30 SUP Surfers at my most local break, all ages and all abilities and now they're all pretty much the same. None of that lot used a Forum to gain information nor did many choose any training.. most of their experience came from word of mouth on the water or occasionally a 1;1 session with one of the "better" guys.. also the stoke was shared amongst the crew.. It's pretty much stayed buoyant ever since, people come-people go, but what we do have now is a groups of Women who all have bought boards and there about 40 of them.. they're much better at organising themselves and keeping the stoke buoyant amongst themselves.. A few years ago, I'd go a year before seeing a Woman in the break...
Also, I'm a member of a very active sailing club.. we have all sorts of members from families to hard core racers, and you know what's been the most expansive class? Yep SUP, SUP of all shapes and sizes..I think we've got about 300 SUPs on site now... We run a "Round the Island" race every year for Windsurfers and SUPs.. 14miles.. this year we had 130 SUPs out paddling! and thats Kids/Mums/Dads/Us lot of Wave heads and everyone in between... and it's brilliant to see so many people just go paddling in the Harbour or ask "So Sunnybouy, where do you go surfing then?"
Point 3) I think I've pretty much answered that above.

WA, 985 posts
20 Nov 2019 10:29PM
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The forum could have reached a saturation point where there is enough information on here to help people get any answers they ask using the search function, I know I have used the search function a bit instead of starting a new one.

SUP is alive and well in WA, I typically avoid the super crowded well known SUP surf spots in Perth, just can't deal with that. I find solace in solid beach breaks being the only one standing and waving a piece of carbon in the air dodging the shore break. I do my best to find peaks with next to no one around, once you start to read the beach and see how it changes this is not hard to was a really good winter IMO.

There is also a couple of sneaky spots in summer with small swells and low tides, looking forward to that in the next couple of months

The board talk and reviews section is enjoyable to see what is happening with new gear, given I don't have a lot of boards or don't buy a lot of boards I can't contribute much but when I can I will. Foiling l is massive at the moment but I am just not into it, good on the people who have found their stoke though, thats a good feeling no matter what you are riding.

QLD, 19522 posts
21 Nov 2019 3:59PM
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DJ was a total frother on this forum,I loved his passion followed by his videos.

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21 Nov 2019 2:55PM
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SunnyBouy said..
None of that lot used a Forum to gain information nor did many choose any training..

Yes, I am always surprised to see that very few SUPers use SUP forums, or even know they exist. So the amount of posts on them is not a representative sample.

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22 Nov 2019 3:26AM
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It's awesome to see people post really positive good vibe posts
I'm on a mission to get my fitness back to a better level, hitting the gym so I can enjoy water activities but leaves you exhausted.
The last surf sup was really good but had to do some work in carpark on a Monday afternoon and no crowds to start off was wicked compared to weekend crowds. One of the regulars commented on yes plenty of waves ridden and work calls made in the carpark in order to achieve life balance.
Today is looking awesome for a wave this afternoon, have a great day people

VIC, 3 posts
22 Nov 2019 7:58AM
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I love to surf my shortboard and I love to ride my sup. The best days are when you surf your shortie for a couple of hours and swap over to the sup for a couple of hours more because it uses different muscles. This forum is great and the wealth of knowledge on here is priceless. Thanks to everyone that contributes.

QLD, 19522 posts
22 Nov 2019 10:59AM
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Whatever happened to that other cool cat Lacey?

WA, 587 posts
26 Nov 2019 9:12AM
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hilly said..
I have my sups for sale with no response at all. 10er Smik and 9 6 Sunova.

That 9'6" is really sweet, I would have jumped on it but all my sup time is dedicated to foiling these days.

so I guess sup isn't so much dieing off for me as it is evolving

WA, 58 posts
Tuesday , 3 Dec 2019 9:35PM
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I'll start the auction for hilly, $100 each

VIC, 1355 posts
Wednesday , 4 Dec 2019 8:08AM
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my bid to hilly is H$1550

NT, 294 posts
Wednesday , 4 Dec 2019 7:13AM
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MattBailey said..
sadly three has been a huge decline in 'the hobbyist SUP Surfer'. Sup is still alive and well for racing and beginners, but the intermediate lever weekend sup surfer appear to be leaving. Must not just be a local phenomenon either, look at all the new release boards for 2020. Of the models they still make, there's less and less size options available, and all on the larger side of things too.

Look at the APP world tour event this week. Man I loved watching it, the quality of surfing on finals day and during the expression session were awesome. BUT - so many competitors not doing full years on tour. Zane, Sean just to name 2 of the biggest. I could name 10 sup surfers that should be there but aren't - Georgio, Harry Maskel, Kai, Zane, .... Its honestly such a shame.

Hilly, I actually much prefer to SUP surf. I love the additional changes, and lessons, and the difficulty. But i appreciate I'm one of the weird ones here. hard to watch the sport in decline, but it also presents opportunities for those looking at the macro.

Re the big board brands and range,
over the previous years they also dumbed down fin options in most of their shapes . Not many 5 fin options offered, doesn't allow or inspire progression. Looking at the Customs pics posted most have gone 5 fins option include on 10' + boards. With most folks seeming to go through 4 to 6 boads before doing Custom. I know having those extra options opened me up to learning and appreciating fins and board shapes before I went Custom.
My next board is most likely a 7 fin cause I just want to try Split keel Twin .

WA, 4938 posts
Wednesday , 4 Dec 2019 7:31AM
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JEG said..
my bid to hilly is H$1550

10er gone to a new home in Qld. 9 6 still available

WA, 58 posts
Wednesday , 4 Dec 2019 7:49AM
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