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That WAS Matt Johnson.

Created by wavemaniac A week ago, 9 Mar 2019
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9 Mar 2019 8:53AM
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News has filtered through that JanMichael Vincent has passed.

Starred in a few movies and had plenty of other parts,but,most remembered(by surfers) as the character that was based on Lance Carson.

Big Wednesday played its part in reinvigorating longboards.

JMV was a surfer and apparently in real life had some demons with the drink and dope.

In recent times he wasnt looking so great(from the stuff I saw).

RIP Matt Johnson...SquidLips will always remember you.

QLD, 865 posts
9 Mar 2019 11:32AM
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"I'm gonna drown and all you're gonna find is this ****ty old board."
RIP Matt Johnson.

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9 Mar 2019 9:43AM
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He ain't no Hodad squid lips..

Ps. Yeah I know it's a stand in. Was it Jackie Baxter?

WA, 4511 posts
9 Mar 2019 2:52PM
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Sounds like he would have fitted into the 70s surf scene well:

Vincent battled alcoholism and intravenous drug use for much of his life. In 1977, 1978 and 1979 he was arrested for possession of cocaine and in 1984 and 1985 he was arrested after two bar brawls.[13] He also received a felony assault charge in 1986, of which he was acquitted, after his attorney argued that the woman tripped and fell on a telephone cord in his home.[13] He then was arrested for drunk driving but avoided jail by entering rehab in 1988. In 2000 a $374,000 default judgment was made against him after his former girlfriend alleged he had physically assaulted her after their breakup and caused her to miscarry their child.[14] During the 1990s, he was involved in three severe automobile collisions, which he barely survived. In an accident in August 1996 Vincent broke three vertebrae in his neck.[15] He sustained a permanent injury to his vocal cords from an emergency medical procedure, leaving him with a permanently raspy voice. The first near fatal accident occurred in February 1992 and the third happened in September 1997.[16] Vincent was charged with drunk driving again after his 1996 accident and once again sentenced to rehab and placed on probation. In an interview on the TV program The Insider on September 18, 2007, when asked about his 1996 car accident, he answered, "Y'know, I have no idea what you're talking about. I don't remember being in an accident."[5][17] In 2000, Vincent violated probation for his prior alcohol-related arrests by appearing drunk in public three times and assaulting his fianc?e. As a result, he was sentenced to 60 days in the Orange County Jail.[18] Vincent was involved in another automobile accident in 2008.[19] In an interview on October 24, 2014, with National Enquirer, Vincent revealed that his right leg was amputated just below the knee in 2012 after he contracted a leg infection as a result of complications from peripheral artery disease. After that he walked with a prosthetic limb, although he was sometimes forced to use a wheelchair.[20] He also revealed he had a tax debt in excess of $70,000.[21]

QLD, 865 posts
9 Mar 2019 6:03PM
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VIC, 2016 posts
9 Mar 2019 7:24PM
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Love that movie, reckon I watch it once a month at least.
Don't care what happened to him after.
The "i did not piss in your steam iron" speech is unsurpassed.
And why didn't I think of doing that?

VIC, 708 posts
10 Mar 2019 10:53PM
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Point Grindrers"

"Matt Johnson on my board !"

What an iconic movie

From Hilly's post, maybe JMV wasn't acting,.

Still.....great movie.

QLD, 719 posts
15 Mar 2019 3:48PM
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I wish I was the kid that "Matt" gave that board to at the beach. I've never let go of that fantasy.

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Sunday , 17 Mar 2019 6:39AM
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Was it Jackie Baxter?

J Riddle was the surfer.

PT for William Katt,Kanga for Gary Busey


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