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Foiling vids

Created by seanhogan 9 months ago, 2 Jun 2018
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15 Feb 2019 8:01PM
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Highly recommend the Slingshot Foil Academy!!
Step by step instructions AND its free

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16 Feb 2019 7:33AM
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I went through the foil-academy lessons. They were good. Had some good ideas there. I also utilized the Sam Ross foiling videos as well. Between the two, big help. There was another video from big winds that discussed taking off the rear straps to learn. That was a great tip as well.

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14 Mar 2019 5:49PM
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Apologies if posted before
a little vid I put together of 2 of the crew back in Feb.
shot a couple of hundred meters from the high way to hell


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"Foiling vids" started by seanhogan