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Slingshot phantasm - carbon for hover glide anyone?

Created by MrA > 9 months ago, 21 Sep 2019
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6 Apr 2020 6:13AM
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The Naish mast and fuselage is considerably lighter than slingshot. Feels a lot more solid too with mechanical connection from mast to fuselage.
It feels noticeably stiffer around. All aluminium, same price ish.

I changed from Slingshot to Naish and I much prefer the Slingshot wings, but wish the fuselage & mast was more like Naish.

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7 Apr 2020 3:31PM
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speaking of masts....

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20 Jul 2020 10:19PM
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WhiteofHeart said..

On the water you dont really feel the weight anyway

Do you notice a lighter foil when jumping? All that weight attached to my feet just feels so clunky. I'm on the 2018 Wizard 125 and SS i65, and it kinda reminds me of jumping with my course racing board.


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"Slingshot phantasm - carbon for hover glide anyone?" started by MrA