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Adjustable Harness lines

Created by seanhogan > 9 months ago, 29 May 2018
Peter Hands
VIC, 59 posts
27 Mar 2019 3:02PM
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Hoping my new Severne adjustables work well, old ones were terrible

213 posts
28 Mar 2019 1:01AM
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My adjustable Severnes were terrible to start with, always slipped. Then after a few week the webbing got all stuffed up and now they work perfectly.

NSW, 78 posts
28 Mar 2019 8:40AM
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I have been using the Maxsoir monolines on my Raceboard for a few years now and find them really good.

259 posts
28 Mar 2019 9:00PM
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I thought these ones lasted long enough... the only thing is they tend to swing a lot.

How about these?


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