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Locosys GW-60

Created by sailquik > 9 months ago, 5 Oct 2016
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4 Sep 2017 5:20PM
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Thanks decrepit

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8 Sep 2017 11:16AM
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Mate, I had the same problem and wasted about four hour's of my life that I won't get back.
It was a com port error, which was a problem with finding the right driver.
One that I installed was the problem.
I uninstalled it and it worked.
I have also found that switching USB port's made a difference once. Have no idea why.
I've just wiped my computer clean and about to do it all over again.

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9 Sep 2017 8:05AM
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Just did it all again. You have to make sure you've installed the driver that's in the folder,
the proper updater, and remember that after you've updated the firmware - you have to go back again and change the connection setting to COM. It changes itself back to UMS. I had no problem with the driver after installing the one supplied, but as I said above - previously I had to uninstall a Driver that was causing the Com port error.
Hope you have a comfy seat. Good luck.
I just did Jeff's again. Give me your's next time you're up, if you don't have any luck.

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10 Sep 2017 5:00PM
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Dag said..
>>ou have to go back again and change the connection setting to COM. It changes itself back to UMS.>>>

That's very strange I've never seen that, the default is COM not UMS.
Unless you're loading a CFG file that is set to UMS?

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15 Sep 2017 8:37PM
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Hi there,

Just a short word to let you know we just made an update on and you can now directly upload your SBP files from the GW-60 on our (free) platform.

We already included the feature for auto-split tracks if there is a delay of 60' of non activity detected from the track.

If you got some trouble to use it, I will be please to open an open topic here, otherwise you can off course contact us using Facebook.

Cedric @ SportsTrackLive


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