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Proposed Bathing Area, Wellington Point, Redlands City Council; impact upon Wind and Kite Surfers

Created by smzipf Thursday, 14 Feb 2019
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Thursday , 14 Feb 2019 9:57PM
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Redlands City Council is undertaking a process to designate a portion of the western beach of Wellington Point Reserve as a Bathing Area, marked by bathing flags, southeast of the region of the sandbar to King Island (see diagram), in close proximity to an extremely popular wind and kite surfing destination. Although 100meters is indicative only in the attached diagram, the final size and location of the Bathing Area is to be decided later in 2019 by public consultation. This clearly will impact Windsurfers and Kiters and other watercraft users at this location.

In anticipation of the potential for increased risk, injuries from collisions and other potential mishaps to all Users of this location, representatives from the Kiter and Windsurfer communities have met to develop a set of guidelines to help educate our groups and promote safety in this location, in an effort to work with Council to help keep Wellington Point a safe place for all users of this unique area. The diagram showing suggested activity zones and our proposed guidelines are appended.

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Friday , 15 Feb 2019 7:43AM
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Great work all involved.

This week on NNe was very difficult to do a run along the bank 2 days in row.

With approx 8 kites it was rare to ever get a clear run along the bank.

Even with these great guildlines it will still be difficult as the kites what to jump in the same area close to the bank where the speed run is.

It is a good idea to have a rest area for windsurfers after speed run. This area needs to be as small possible to reduce impact on kites jumping and windsurfers finishing speed run and turning.

One issue that I have noticed is when people are taking videos of jumps this encourages kites to stay close to bank and not focus on others in the local area.

There has been many dogs off lead swiming in the speed run which should not be allowed.

In wind above 15 knots learning to windsurf or Kite should be discouraged from this area when speeds in excess of 30 knots are done as the windsurfer only has one option which is bail out when committed to speed run.

If possible could you also have some guildlines for a Easterly as in these directions there are potential for head on collision as windsurfers hug the bank both directions.

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Friday , 15 Feb 2019 9:29AM
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Looks good as long as kiters don't jump in other areas as I am always worried of going downwind of a kiter (to give way) in case they jump and land on me.

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Friday , 15 Feb 2019 12:18PM
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Good work.

I assume normal sailing give way rules still apply that are also defined by KA in:

1. The upwind rider gives way to the downwind rider
2. The rider on the port tack gives way to the rider on starboard tack (if on a collision course)
3. When returning to the beach, give way to riders who are launched and heading out
4. Overtaking rider must keep clear

I got hit in the head the other week by a kite boarder who did not obey rule 1.
He came from behind so could not see him coming.
Then he abused me for getting in his way!
He clearly had no understanding of these rules.


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