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Ezzy Sails 2019

Created by Flying Dutchman 6 months ago, 1 Dec 2018
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9 Jun 2019 3:42PM
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You banana benders should get a government U V sun fade rebate .

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10 Jun 2019 9:27AM
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One was new (now faded but not crinkled), other one was used (not faded but crinkled). Both clew ripped from sticky forward.

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12 Jun 2019 2:27AM
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I have a 3 year old Ezzy Elite 5.3 and a new 2019 Ezzy Elite 6.1. Love them. Funny thing is someone asked me the other day if I had just gotten my 5.3 and I had too think about. I was like "Damn, that sails is 3 years old". I've loved the feel of the Ezzy's the last 3 years in particular. Before then.... they felt too locked in and free-ride-ish. I didn't like the feel and sound of battens clicking from side to side. He's really dialed them in now.

Definitive Test. We have tons of pretty broken sharp shells on our Panhandle Florida Beaches and they love to eat sails. Not the Ezzy's. First time I rigged my NP down on the beach, it looked like it had been in a knife fight and lost. I will say that if you hit a sharp aluminum "Bird Nesting Area" sign, they will tear. ;)


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