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Lake George

Created by MANTOOTH > 9 months ago, 24 Dec 2016
jimbob SA
SA, 911 posts
30 Jun 2017 8:23AM
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Bradman said..
What's The lake like at the moment Jimbob? Bit of a northerly this weekend and us Vicco's are getting desperate for a sail!

It will be cold that's why I don't windsurf over the winter
water level just a bit more than sailquicks pics.
but why bother go to the loch at port fairy in a northerly or swan bay.
ill be in Warrnambool all weekend.

VIC, 38 posts
30 Jun 2017 10:32AM
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Thanks Jimbob, yep looking like swan bay on Sunday. I sailed Yambuk lake west of port fairy in Jan17, awesome spot.

SA, 1729 posts
30 Jun 2017 5:56PM
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divaldo said..
Will I need a weed fin?

** stirrer !


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