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The FREE stuff thread

Created by Mark _australia > 9 months ago, 14 Sep 2012
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1 Nov 2018 6:11PM
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TDG1959 said..
Having a shed clean out, most gear would suit beginner and has a bit of life left in it. Boom, harnesses, some bases, extensions, Sailworks Revolution 4.8, Gaastra 4.1, Taranaki sail co 4.7 see the pictures.

All gone to a junior

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2 Nov 2018 5:00PM
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Hi Peeps,

It breaks my heart, my teenager wants to give windsurfing a crack, majority of my old gear was passed on or is too perished to use - except a near new carbon boom which is now 12 years old...

Chasing a 80+l board (a wider board if i can be picky), mast and base to suit, 5m to 6.5m sail, would like to keep it under a few hundred as I'm not sure if she will stick with it, or can trade a kite if you want to come to the dark side!!

Bunbury based


Aus501 Boz
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3 Nov 2018 10:59AM
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2018 KA Race sail, two panels damaged, mast pushed through top webbing requires replacement, possible broken batten but apart from that good to go, slightly faded. Welcome to pick up just PM me.

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4 Nov 2018 5:01PM
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Free to a good home.
Windtech 8'10" circa 1995. Still a very quick speed/slalom board. It has a few dings that need repair unfortunately, however it has never taken in any water and is original weight. I've owned this board for 20 years but just don't have the space any more. I also have a Severne Overdrive 6.5m 4 cam prototype from I'm guessing around 2008. It's missing the top battern and has gaffa covering a tear in the mono luff pocket where a cam jumped out.
Pickup from Beaconsfield or Welshpool. Call/txt 0419192579


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