3 Reasons Why Working in a Kite Shop is AWESOME!

Whether it’s in sales, instruction or working the repair corner, becoming a staff member at your local kitesurfing shop is one of the best jobs you can have. We’d know, because we’ve been there!

Work with your passion. Do what you love. Never work a day in your life. Live the dream! We could go on with the clichés, but have you ever thought about working in your local kiteboarding store? As summer approaches, there’s vacancies all over Australia within the kitesurfing industry, and we’re going to shed a little light on three reasons why working in a kite shop is AWESOME.

1: You get to spread the stoke. Nobody kitesurfs because they HAVE to. Learners are stoked, weekend warriors are stoked, the pro’s are stoked. Everyone is stoked when the weekend is chock full of green arrows! Buying new gear gets people stoked, fixing broken gear keeps the stoke alive, and hanging out just talking about kiting with your mates gets everyone stoked.

2: You get cheaper gear. While cheap gear is certainly NOT the reason you want to get into the industry, it’s a huge benefit if you’re already thinking about that staff badge. All shops give gear to their staff at cost, sometimes even handing out free stuff to use for the season. There’s always a demo fleet too, which staff members get first dibs on when it’s the weekend!

3: You learn a TON about the sport. If you’re a gear junkie, then working in a shop is your jam. Geek out on all the latest gear before anyone else gets to see it, talk with designers about why kites do what they do. Go deep into the aerodynamics of kites, and hydrodynamics of foils, because you can! It’s your work after all, which makes it all ‘research’. You’ll learn more about kiteboarding when you’re immersed in it every day.

Keen to become one of the kite store cadre? Well it just so happens that Airborne in Perth have an opening!

Get in contact with them to see if you’re what they’re looking for, and begin a career in the sport that you love!


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