Ten year old Stand Up Paddling Grommie - Nathan van Vuuren

Ten years old and probably better than you!
You’ve probably met a kid that really inspired you at some point in your life. Get ready to meet another one, Nathan van Vuuren has got some serious skills on a stand up paddle board.

Born in South Africa (in case the accent doesn’t give it away), to the founder of Coreban SUP, Ivan van Vuuren, Nathan is only ten years old. Like any ten year old, he’s going a million miles an hour with surfing, stand-up paddleboarding and riding motorbikes in his extensive list of hobbies. As he says however, stand up paddleboarding is his passion, and he’s bloody good at it.

Using tiny little fins, he’s into the spinny tricks right now, choosing to spend as much time backwards as he does forwards. Just watch the movie to see what we mean, this guy needs a symmetrical board! We also thought his little 360’s on the paddle out were totally awesome. Once he gets a bit of weight behind him, expect to see a lot more of this kid, right now he doesn’t really have the body weight to hook into those powerful turns needed on the world tour. But give him a year or two, and you can bet he’ll be up there!

If you’ve got kids, get them off the Xbox and sit them down in front of this. If Nathan doesn’t get them stoked on Stand Up Paddling, then it’s probably best give up trying…