Will you be stand up paddling into your 100's?

Go Grandma! 100 years young and trying out SUP
Everyone thinks they're going to be stand up paddling for the rest of their lives... Well, all those that are addicted to the sport do. But will you still be working on your technique when you're 100 years old? 

Photo's were published by Standup Journal this week of an awesome lady who just turned 100 years old, and it raises the question - who is the oldest person to ever stand up and paddle? 

When Sage Burgess took a trip to Minnesota to visit her great grandma, she also brought along the stand up paddle boards 'just in case'. Turns out grandma wanted to have a go, so they got down to the lake and let her at it! 

Sage reckons the old girl's got more than a few years left in her, saying: 
"She is a fiery old lady who is up to try anything adventuresome.. never sits down either it seemed like!" 

Those boards don't look the easiest to paddle either, but after the usual kneeling paddle to get used to the board, she stood up and even got a few strokes in. She even got the paddle blade around the right way! 

Check out the gallery on their website here, and tell us if your grandma stand up paddles!