24 Hour SUP Record Broken! 193km by Bart De Zwart.

The record for the longest distance paddled by SUP on flat water is one that many aspire to. It's a huge task, but not so far out of reach that an average paddler can't see themselves taking on the challenge. In comparison to crossing the Atlantic by SUP, paddling for 24 hours seems like a walk in the park, and now, the record is just asking to be broken again.

Bart De Zwart, professional paddler and winner of many an endurance race, stepped on board his Starboard Unlimited in Alrech, Switzerland last week. The next 24 hours saw strong headwinds, storms on the horizon and hot, calm conditions that drained him of energy. At the end of those 24 hours though, he'd paddled 120.42 miles, 193.8km, breaking the previous record of 179.99km. But, nobody can ignore the fact that it's just 6.2 km short of 200km, which would have been just 0.26 of a kilometer per hour faster.

"But it became clear pretty quick, that the 200 km would be hard in these conditions. I kept a pretty good pace during then night and picked it up slightly during the day." Told Bart after the achievement, "Racing like this is very different than any other long distance race I have ever done. It is a constant pressure of not loosing time and watching your speed."

If he'd have know just how close he was going to get, could he have found the extra 0.25 kmph? We'll ask the next paddler who makes it!