BIC is now SIC, and SIC is now BIC - Big Brand Buyout!

While the names might sound the same, the similarities end there in a comparison between high performance SUP brand SIC, and high volume brand BIC. But in one of the most interesting buy-out deals in Stand Up Paddling, the two are now one-and-the-same.

Walk down the lineup at any world-class SUP event and you're going to step over more than one board made by Sandwich Island Composites, or SIC for short. Guaranteed. Because they make fast boards for fast paddlers. They don't make many, but they make them well.

That same lineup is probably not going to have a board made by BIC on it. Eve though BIC make lots and lots of boards, they make them for the every-day paddler. Specializing in thermoformed plastic and blow-moulding technology, BIC (yeah, the same company your pens are made by) make tough, cheap stand up paddle boards perfect for recreational use.

Merging the two mean that SIC gets the benefits of mass production, and BIC get legendary shapes (and shapers), class leading high performance technology and the brand name that will cement them to the podium at future high profile SUP events.

Initial reports from the company are that the SIC brand will remain for their high end lineup, so stay tuned to see what they do with the incredible financial support of BIC behind them.