Dogman learns to Hang 5, and a Kookaburra Eats a Crab.

The swell on the East Coast hasn't been conducive to spitting barrels and freight train lines, lately, but we're stand up paddlers.


Case-in-point is Seabreeze Community Member Dogman. He has lots of fun on the NSW and QLD coast, and this week he took a 10ft Deep in a pretty lairy colour scheme for a paddle in some waist high beachies. There's only so many cutbacks you can do in these kind of waves, before you start tinkering with some old school trickery. Hanging 5 was the order of the day, but that pesky board kept lifting its tail and sliding backwards.

Oh well, Dogman can ride a SUP backwards. Or forwards. Probably upside down too.

Check out his fun little video from a summer session on the East Coast, where Dogman rides a sup. A Crab looks for breakfast. A Kookaburra Finds Breakfast. And everyone on the beach tries a few squats.