Gorgeous Stand Up Paddling Conditions On Lake Eibsee

Sometimes it's easy to forget the beautifully simple pleasures in life. But if you were this paddler on Bavaria's Lake Eibsee, you wouldn't be forgetting this beauty in a long, long time.

Lying at the base of Germanys highest peak, this lake is nearly 1000m above sea level and filled with the most perfect blue water imaginable. Being part of such rugged country, the sides of the lake drop off sharply, leaving a deep blue colour for most of it, with the exception of a few peaks (which were probably little mountains at some point in history) forming islands in the middle. Around the islands, he shallow water shows as brilliant aqua, and in the background you can see the snow capped Zugspitze.

This day, it's perfect for a flat water paddle, with not a breath of wind and the sun shining. Luckily for us, there was a drone on hand to film it from the air, but as you can see, it would be just as spectacular from the top of your SUP. Immerse yourself in it right here.