Insane Hydrofoil Vortex - Captured Underwater!

There's a whole lot going on to make a hydrofoil do what it does, and most of the time, it goes completely un-noticed. While it does its thing, making lift, a little noise and suspending you and your board high above the water surface, in its wake there are insane vortices and turbulence kicked up by the wing, and the mast. You can't see it of course, because the water is clear. So is the air, and that's why we so rarely get to see the same things from aircraft wings.

But when a few bubbles from the photographers boardies pass through these vortices, all becomes clear. Well, not clear… You'll get what we mean when you see the animation below!

This was filmed with the new Naish Hover, and Thrust combo we wrote about a few weeks ago, while Kai Lenny was out doing some testing off Hawaii.