Pick Any 3 Tips from Manutea Owen and use them for SUP!

Manutea's technique is as fast, as it is funny!
There’s a legend in paddling, that the Tahitians are fast because they’re paid by big corporate groups who sponsor the teams. They’re paid to paddle, so they can train harder, paddle better gear and in turn, win more races. But a group of guys from a tiny island with a population of 5000, broke the mould a few years ago, winning some major events and proving themselves unstoppable.

They credit their new-age paddling techniques for the win, and steersman Manutea Owen has a LOT of little tips for maximizing each stroke, using the craft to its potential (and no more!) and of course race tactics. While it’s not directly about stand up paddling stroke technique, trust us. It’s worth a watch, and it’s easy to watch! Manuteas style is funny, and his hand and body actions perfectly illustrate the way he paddles.

“It’s all about the pivoting. You’ve gotta work that canoe you know! If you can make baby canoes it’s good!”
The quote above is a great one from the vid, where he’s talking about a specific movement with his shoulders and hips, reading about it just doesn’t do it justice.

Pick three of his little techniques, apply them to your SUP and you’ll paddle faster, easier and further!

Stand Up Paddle
Stand Up Paddle

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Stand Up Paddle
Stand Up Paddle

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Stand Up Paddle
Stand Up Paddle

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