Someone Shaped Dogman a Pro Model, and it RIPS!

7'10" and painted in one of the most ridiculous paint schemes of any SUP known to man-kind. The Dog Man model is one-of-a-kind.

"Spent a bit of time this summer dodging and weaving the horrendous crowds plaguing every beach in oz." Joked Dogman, "In an attempt to get a few waves to myself under my belt and really test out my new shred weapon (Deep Missile). Not glamour conditions…"

While they might not be 'glamour' conditions, it looks pretty fun to us, and the board seems to fit Dogmans style of surfing pretty well. That tucked in tail, short length and lairy colour scheme form a well rounded little board for Aussie conditions. Having a surfer like Dogman riding it it probably helps too.

Check out what Dogman calls 'mediocre', a solid overhead day with a few fun beachies thrown in to test his new board. The Dogman Model, shaped by DEEP.