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Sleep walking

Created by busterwa 7 months ago, 9 Jun 2018
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9 Jun 2018 8:38PM
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Yep started a few years back started unscrewing bayonet and screw light globles out of light fixtures . 2 nights ago jammed a half kilo packet of bacon in packet in toaster added milk tripped circuit breakers . After several times reseting circuit breakers smashed toaster on floor. Misses woke up found smashed toaster leaking milk with a melted packet of bacon stuffed in it . Anoneone else do weird **** like that . ? Just goto try and explain to her that its normal Anyone one into the sleepwalking thing?im not a hudge fan of it hey.

Buster fin
WA, 1790 posts
9 Jun 2018 9:18PM
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I'd love to say "yeah" and regale you with some equally whack story. But nah. Seek pro help???

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9 Jun 2018 9:44PM
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Buster fin said..
I'd love to say "yeah" and regale you with some equally whack story. But nah. Seek pro help???

You got to film this sh!t Paranormal style and post on you tube.
Make a killing. Buy me a boat for suggesting it and retire

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10 Jun 2018 12:11AM
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The wife of a mate of mine used to get up and walk outside straight onto the major road, he had to lock them in at night.

Are you taking Still Nox sleeping tablets, apparently they can make you do all sorts of weird stuff...?

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9 Jun 2018 10:43PM
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Yeh beer will do that.

QLD, 841 posts
10 Jun 2018 7:01AM
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Tequila Maybe

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10 Jun 2018 5:23PM
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Not walked but done the sleep driving thing
Had to fight off my own arm in a self-strangulation situation a few times, tummy sleeping pins and needles feels like someone else's hand, And No it wasn't "the stranger"

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10 Jun 2018 5:51PM
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Just before the wifey & I got married I started getting up & wandering around our apartment which graduated to me getting up and trying to pee into the built-ins thinking I was in the dunny. She used to guide me back to bed, all good.
Then I started to leave the apartment and walk up and down the stairs then graduated to wandering up and down the street. One night she caught me goose stepping up the middle of the road (lucky we lived in a cul-de-sac). Had to come get me, don't remember a thing!!
All starkers. It was part of the speeches at our wedding, sigh. Havent done it since.

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10 Jun 2018 6:28PM
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I was camping years ago and one of my mates walked off a 20m+ cliff in his sleep. Not pretty.

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10 Jun 2018 6:35PM
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I've slept walked and talked a lot my whole life. Usually i just chatter away or wake up in a different room on the floor but left the house a few times. Not an issue now i lock the doors.

One night, about 75nm offshore i got out of my bunk and went to open the transom door but there were a few boys still up so they just turned me around and thought it was hillarious.

Another night at Steep Point i was sleep walking around camp. Could have been a bit serious but more than likely i would have tripped over long before i went over the edge.

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11 Jun 2018 12:53AM
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I'm bad for it
Talkin and walkin...
Once an ex girlfriend was telling me how she had a long and detailed conversation with me whilst i was totally asleep about how i was going to start a mariachi band, call it "los property" and tour the world...

Another time
When i was about twenty, living by myself in a dingy beachside flat,
Sleeping nude except for socks
I woke up with soaking wet feet.
Went outside to jump in my car to go to work...
Saw a trail of foot prints in the morning dew leading across the lawn and down the street.

Couple days later, this dear old lady from across the road comes over to introduce herself and tell me how her husband who was coming home about 2am from beach fishing for dhu fish, saw me walking down the street nude except for socks, totally asleep. He shepherd' me home and put me to bed, but i wouldn't take my socks off because my feet were cold.

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11 Jun 2018 9:23AM
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11 Jun 2018 3:59PM
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I woke up once after a bit of a bender ready to take a leak on the baby's cot. Wife was pretty understanding about that one.

On a similar note, a mate who was about to sit his backcountry ski patrol cert woke up mid piss, unfortunately, the assessor was staying in the same hut and was the recipient of the golden shower. She wasn't happy. My mate still passed his certification.

Moral of the story, chicks are pretty cool about night time pee pee stuff if you say you were sleepwalking

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13 Jun 2018 6:48PM
Thumbs Up It pretty common 10% So where we all at hiding the dead bodies Just asking for a friend.


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