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Created by Benku Wednesday, 4 Dec 2019
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Wednesday , 4 Dec 2019 1:18PM
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Hi Guys,

i am now at the stage where i feel i need a new set up. I am usually riding in wind from 6 to 12 knots on flat or choppy water. Now my 2016 Slingshot Dwarfcraft 54'' (standard set up of 2 years ago) is starting to age and is also very heavy (9.6kg board/mast/fin). I use the Hoverglide NF2 front fin.

I enjoy jumping and freeriding and more often than not on light wind (below 8-9). I am 80kg and usually use 12m tube kite (i dont like big foil kites that much).

so what would you recommend? i thought about getting the new slingshot Apollo 60 front fin for better lift for very low wind but will it be ok to jump? or should i think about getting a much lighter setup? or get a micro board?

too many option and i am not sure which one is the right one...


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Wednesday , 4 Dec 2019 1:44PM
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I haven't tried jumping yet with the foil and ride strapless 100% of the time, however, I'm definitely interested in jumping at some stage.

Don't think I would even attempt jumping with the hoverglide for fear of the fkkr landing on me.

What kind of heights have you been getting?

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Thursday , 5 Dec 2019 10:00AM
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Boosting with a foil isn't much different to jumping with a tt. Timing the sending of the kite so you have the correct amount of forward speed on landing without the foil totally taking off in a wild direction is always tricky.
If you want a good boosting experience on foil or tt, especially in the marginal conditions your talking about, nothing will compete with a foil kite. They can seem scary at first but the payoff is huge.

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Tuesday , 10 Dec 2019 11:12PM
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This is my jumping set up. Have been through a few shapes on this development pathway. When i say jumping i mean low kite and using chop and the foil to jump. Not that into boosting with it.
The board is called "the vape". Stoked on this one. Boxes and stance are right at the back. There is enough rocker and nose to get you out of any situation. E-glass and carbon construction. Australian made. Super tough also. Very hard to heel dent, will NEVER absorb water. CUSTOM options.

Available in 100 x 43 or 120 x 48.


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