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AC shoulder injury

Created by Monkeyfish > 9 months ago, 21 Jun 2013
WA, 246 posts
21 Jun 2013 8:06AM
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Does anyone have any tips/good advice for the management and recovery of a grade 1 - AC shoulder injury


QLD, 2617 posts
21 Jun 2013 10:44AM
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i don't know what a grade 1 injury is, but i had both shoulders recoed a couple of years ago (rotator cuff repair, acromioplasty and ac joint excision).

best advice i can give is to do your physio & don't rush your recovery. otherwise you pay for it later

swimming worked well for me to regain strength & movement.

good luck with it

WA, 246 posts
21 Jun 2013 9:19AM
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I have been to physio (kiter too) and had good advice - just getting other peoples experience - grade 1 is a minor tear, stretch or sprain. Swimming is one thing I can't do atm (physio advice)

NSW, 502 posts
21 Jun 2013 11:22AM
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I've have a separation in my AC joint and have since 2007 or so. Like stamp said, don't rush the physio. Swimming/surfing(when healed enough) helped me a lot. Rotator cuff exercises. When you are able to go back to the gym.. don't do heavy bench press (really aggravated my injury) but do lots of light shoulder exercises. By strengthening all of the muscles around my injury, I've really stabilized it and allowed myself to keep progressing. Don't get lazy with your rehab just keep at it and it will get better! Best of luck mate.

WA, 278 posts
21 Jun 2013 10:32AM
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Be sure to get the recovery right the first time, i didn't and have had 4 years of issues, still cant do pushups.
Finally getting it seen to properly and doing it the right way.
Contact Trevor gerritsen (will PM you his details), excellent physio and also a keen kiter. He'll get you back on track in no time!

WA, 24 posts
21 Jun 2013 5:20PM
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Have to be super patient mate - also did a grade 1 about three months ago and been doing heaps of physio exercises with the rubber band thingos. Only just started swimming again and first surf last weekend. Went to the pool last night and pushed it a bit harder and has pulled up sore - very frustrating but must of gone to hard to soon - keep doing the strengthening exercises - they definitely work it just takes time - hopefully all will be good

Good luck

WA, 379 posts
21 Jun 2013 9:55PM
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Unlucky! I did a grade one separation in Canada and was back on the board in 2 or 3 weeks after a rehab of bc bud. I fell off again and completely separated ac that now it sticks out of the socket and looks really ugly. So ny advice is just sit it out foe as long as possible. Also even though my ac remains separated it is as good as new. And slot of rugby players have this injury. By the way it was three months off surfing or kiting and i moved back to oz.

WA, 174 posts
22 Jun 2013 1:36AM
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I had a grade 2/3 AC injury last year from playing hockey.. I was off kiting for 6 weeks, hockey 5 weeks, then had my whole shoulder strapped everytime i did either for the next month. Then it was ok.....weak at first but gets stronger by about month 4-5. Good time then to go to a physio (it will never be the same, now have a bump on my shoulder) My joint now clicks when i rotate the arm but you get used to it. I could not sleep on that side for 7 months. I am 40, if you are younger it should heal quicker. 12 months on, i never notice it.

Mark _australia
WA, 18601 posts
22 Jun 2013 8:33AM
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If u r in Perth go and see Brett Slocombe in Cottesloe (on Stirling Hwy). Best shoulder physio going.... being the Olympic swimming team's guy just for shoulders says something

WA, 246 posts
22 Jun 2013 2:29PM
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Thanks everyone

NSW, 96 posts
22 Jun 2013 6:03PM
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mate ive done mine twice first was a grade 3 snowboarding second time was grade 5 skateboarding , best way i found to get back into kiting/surfing asap was to do light gym work with rubber band like tension ropes, very light dumbbell work using alll shoulder and arm muscles. rest, ice, gym work, strectching just repeat that bro!

WA, 995 posts
23 Jun 2013 9:29AM
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I've done a grade 5 and all of the surgery to go along with it. Count yourself lucky and listen to your physio. Like most things, time and disciplined rehab will fix you up.

WA, 4 posts
25 Jul 2013 11:46PM
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Hey Monkeyfish,

I am a physiotherapist with 15 yrs experience in treating these (and many other injuries). I have also been surfing for 20 yrs and an avid wave kiter of 5 yrs. Going to a physio with knowledge of the sport is the key as they can:
a) perform a thorough assessment, investigating the " mechanism of injury" which often finds other contributing factors / issues related to your injury
b) provide advice on specific exercises to assist in your injury recovery based on your specific sport demands
c) provide advice on how slow or fast you can return to the water and in what capacity
d) provide advice on suppliments and other natural strategies etc which may assist
e) trouble shoot issues that arise

At the end of the day the body usually heals itself, but it is the speed of recovery, quality of recovery and a reduction in repeat injury that you pay for with a physio. If your physio is not assisting with all of the above you may want a second opinion.

Specific to you G1 AC is fairly mild (if that if that is correct diagnosis), but will still keep you out of the water if not rehabilitated properly. A gradually progressed program that strengthens the "rotator cuff" and other surrounding muscles is a good start (as discussed above). Also maintain the flexibility in your neck and the range of movement of your shoulder (within pain tollerance). Heatpacks and magnesium can also be helpful to boost the body's recovery systems. Avoid excessively loading your shoulder with weights - especially with pushing forwards or up type exercises such as shoulder press. You need to progress the theraband exercises to replicate your kiting and work on "proprioception" or position sense mechanisms to prevent re-injury...There is lost more, but hopefully this helps to get you on the right track.

Mike Bodysmart Health Centre L3, 220 St Georges Terrace Perth CBD


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