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Created by cansyd 3 months ago, 30 Nov 2017
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30 Nov 2017 10:37PM
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Thinking about going to Aitutaki in July this year, any body been there at that time of year ? (Always a gamble but who cares the place looks amazing).

Any hints, tips etc.?

Looking at going with out of the shaky islands

Worlds most beautiful Kiteboarding destination

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30 Nov 2017 9:55PM
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Capetown would be 20x better than grovelling around the tropics in 15 knots.

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1 Dec 2017 2:04AM
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Be good to have you along;....We have some wind stats u can check at
Having said that, this year, 2017 was really good in parts and not so hot in others...we lucked in as the down periods were between our trip dates....
the 'season' started soft, ran true to form in the middle and then blew its head off for all of august after our season (supposedly) finished. (wouldn't ya know!)
You have to remember its the Pacific...its relies on frontal or high pressure systems providing nice SE on the top edge during winter; its not like Africa or Brasil where you have thermal winds generated by big land have to take what you get in the DOES come and go... generally in cycles.
As u say, other stuff to do on down days....we managed 7 -8.5 sailing days out of 10 on this year's trips.....some of it on 15m, some of it on 7s.......quite a range....pretty normal.
FYREF trip 2 sold out, deadlines (airline) looming from early January for bookings for others....check the www


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1 Dec 2017 9:04AM
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wishy said..
Capetown would be 20x better than grovelling around the tropics in 15 knots.

Have you ever been to Cape Town in July. It's just as bad as Perth at that time of year if not worse.

Hey cansyd If you get that time travel sorted and can go back to July this year look at the winds for Mauritius I think they had a good season

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1 Dec 2017 9:45AM
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Spoke with a bunch of people who'd been there
They described the place as beautiful
The wind as ordinary
Getting there and getting around once there as a pain in the arse
And the tour guides as price gouging

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1 Dec 2017 12:34PM
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Go for a holiday with kiting as a second need as the winds are not that supper reliable and you need to get a boat out to the good spots. If you fly fish like I do then its world class but yes the lagoon is beautiful. If you want to just go kiting then much better places, Kitesurfari Australia comes to mind and winds in July are epic providing your not after waves.

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1 Dec 2017 3:36PM
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Google top 10 places to kitesurf. Aitutaki is in the list from the top sailors. I went last September. Was on the water 4/5 days. Was epic. Need booties due to lots of coral as well as sea cucumbers. Water was an amazing colour, locals friendly and like an untouched paradise. Highly recommend. Si

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1 Dec 2017 4:25PM
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all the south pacific islands trade winds are exactly that trade winds. great if your in a spanish fleet. basicly ****house if your on a kite or windsurer. the locals all use 13m kites (think about that)

15 knots is GOOD like EPIC

honestly you can get a week with below 10 knots.

i know all this from personal experience. have poorly decided to spend 2 whole winters there.
if i was you guys id just be a bogan jump in ya hilux and camp up north qld or north wa for the winter. miles cheaper same wind if not better and you can live on a budget of woolies and coles.


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