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Best chicken loop replacement?

Created by Freddofrog 1 month ago, 30 Mar 2021
WA, 464 posts
30 Mar 2021 7:48PM
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Should I stay with my current brand (Epic kites & bar) which would most likely need international shipping or is there something better and more local I should be looking at?

NSW, 3311 posts
31 Mar 2021 8:19AM
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Do you mean the whole bar or just chicken loop?

WA, 1302 posts
31 Mar 2021 6:54AM
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Hi Freddofrog,

Do you want to change just the PU chicken loop part or the whole quick release with chicken loop system ?

There is the question of compatibility across brands and products can change depending on the year/model of your bar.

Looking at the new Epic bars setup, I believe you could upgrade it with the newer Airush IQR system (new ISO standard compliant quick release)

Have a look at the video below. If you think it can fit, send me a PM and we can get you that spare part locally ( )

WA, 1801 posts
2 Apr 2021 5:06AM
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Yeah the Airush Qr is a good setup - you will need the blue depower line as well, also a bit of adjustment tuning your lines after... Christian may be able to do it for you ?
I would buy another 2nd hand bar - yours is gettin old..


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"Best chicken loop replacement?" started by Freddofrog