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Check your lines!

Created by Chris_M Thursday, 10 Oct 2019
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Thursday , 10 Oct 2019 5:31PM
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If you think they are looking a little tired, might be a good time to replace before summer kicks in. I found out the hard way during this morning's session.
Funny, cause just 2 weeks ago I was thinking "Hmmmm maybe I should get a new set"

Lucky I wasn't out with a pod of Orca this time, not that I think they'd eat me, but I still be s h i tting bricks

Enjoyed a good few hundred meters of swimming

Wife even let me go back for round 2 after lunch, what a champ

VIC, 478 posts
Sunday , 13 Oct 2019 7:58PM
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Good heads up I'd say. I agree especially as for me and probably others lines (bridal lines on pulley kites especially when I still used them, as pulleys chew them away) tend to break when you are up in the air, or when massively powered in general, or worse when launching or landing as risk of injury is higher while on the beach. Both of which is not a situation in which you want a line to snap.

WA, 1684 posts
Tuesday , 15 Oct 2019 4:35PM
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Yes always a good idea to keep an eye on the twist point if you do a lot of loops or rotations..

I swap the lines around from bar side to kite side to get a bit more use then bin them..


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"Check your lines!" started by Chris_M