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Do Dakine spreader bars break often?

Created by Spookyluke12 > 9 months ago, 31 Aug 2012
QLD, 120 posts
31 Aug 2012 7:08PM
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Just wondered about other kiters experience with Dakine spreader bars. On another forum there is a thread with a few guys saying that these spreader bars are not much chop and can break after not alot of use. The last thing i'd want whilst boosting is to have a harness breaking mid flight. Also, is there a bullet proof option out there?

WA, 2119 posts
31 Aug 2012 6:03PM
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Been using Dakine harnesses for 4 years, and used to work in a shop, first time Ive heard of it. Could have been one batch of bad welds that went somewhere???? Check your welds if its a new harness and if theres no cracks, no problem.
You could pm Ryland as he is a dakine sponsored rider and he might know more, but him personally, hes hardly ever hooked in.

QLD, 86 posts
31 Aug 2012 8:37PM
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Had one partially snap off at one of the welds, thankfully the second weld held .The harness was about 18 months old and was pretty much stuffed .I checked an old harness and found cracks in both the welds so I now check the welds on the spreader bar as this seems to be the weak point. The new Dakine seat harnesses don't seem to be as strong as the older ones .I tore the leg straps off the latest's harness after about four months ,it was replaced under warranty so I shouldn't complain too much it's just that replacement harness is starting to fail at the same point

WA, 20 posts
1 Sep 2012 1:11AM
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I've not heard of problems with the "normal" Dakine spreader bars but there's been quite a few cases of the Dakine hammerhead pivot spreader bars failing in my area (including my own spreader bar).

The tube encasing the pivoting section splits open. Just stick to the normal spreader bars - the pivot idea seems like a marketing gimmick.

QLD, 120 posts
1 Sep 2012 8:13AM
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I've bought a new pyro harness with a standard 10 inch spreader for the coming season, and then came across a thread trashing out these harnesses, mainly for the spreader breaking. I was surprised to read this considering how long dakine have made harnesses and how important a strong spreader bar is. Maybe there was a crap batch from the factory a while back. I'll check mine every so often for cracks. Should be right. Cheers.

1 Sep 2012 9:01AM
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I think it was a bad batch. We've sold a lot of Dakines and have not had a broken stainless spreader bar returned.
I've seen the old alloy ones break but I think they are long gone now.

WA, 28 posts
1 Sep 2012 8:39AM
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My hook broke off on the steel bar.
I still use them but.
My local shop had others break as well and returned.

WA, 697 posts
1 Sep 2012 10:16PM
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Mine snapped last season after a couple of seasons right at the weld.


NSW, 568 posts
2 Sep 2012 1:05PM
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dave...... said...

You could pm Ryland .......... but him personally, hes hardly ever hooked in.

Haha, thanks BUT I think i'd rather leave him unhooked!

WA, 82 posts
2 Sep 2012 4:32PM
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My Dakine harness ripped in half during a kiteloop, and I dropped like a stone. Now I use a mystic and it's way more solid.

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2 Sep 2012 5:15PM
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I've had both Dakine waist and short harnesses and they ripped up to shreds - same problems year after year - and they don't make them better so ****ing hopeless rubbish in my opinion!

WA, 1 posts
14 Oct 2012 3:10PM
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mine just broke at one weld, I was able to fix it up temporarily with an automotive hose clamp - been using it for just about a year....

VIC, 1090 posts
14 Oct 2012 8:23PM
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Fellas if your in Melbourne, and need a bar welded up PM me and i can help you out.

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9 May 2013 3:06AM
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My problems with the Dakine fusion seat harness on you tube

SA, 84 posts
9 May 2013 9:31AM
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Mine broke recently - exact same one as in clip above and snapped in pretty much same location.

The welder who rewelded mine and looking at it i agreed (hes gone off to talk to a metallurgist about it because he's never seen it before) said that the stainless steel (SS) rod broke not broke at the weld as if you look at the back of the bar the hook rods go all the way through the actual bar.

Scarey when it happened, 10 min job to fix unless it breaks somewhere else. Being an older boy i like the look of the fitted Engine waist harness but this one shld last awhile now.

Rob S
VIC, 388 posts
9 May 2013 10:12AM
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My Dakine Fusion seat harness cracked and broke one side of the hook while I was at cape range national park.
Scott from the kite shop pointed me towards a good welder in Exmouth who repaired it and saved me a good few sessions.

I purchased from Kitepower. Hook seems to hold together until just out of warranty.

And fails sooner if you kite more frequently than average. And if you stress it more often with jumps and loops.

The metal becomes hardened and brittle at the boundary of the weld. Maybe work hardened with use or quenched when welded.

QLD, 4628 posts
9 May 2013 10:25AM
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Only a windsurfer here guys, but I go through Dakine bars fairly regularly. In about 5 years have snapped hook off bar 3 times (one side only though) and bent (cracked) bar twice. The bent bar ones are throw aways but the snapped hook ones I have successfully rewelded and have as back up. I do sail a fair bit and in open ocean so the bar does get loaded up and down significantly so metal fatique is always going to be an issue.

Also the rear cloth patch of my new XT seat harness which replaced its predecessor quickly shred itself and is now looking worse for wear than the original. They are well designed and fit really well but maybe quality of materials and manufacturing standards have dropped over the past couple of years.

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9 May 2013 8:33AM
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I have had 3 Dakine Standard spreader bars break on me, all have broken at the welds. One went mid flight and left me hanging on to the bar, and the other two went whilst out in the surf. I do ride at every opportunity regardless of the conditions so lots of edging hard in the winter and daily use in the summer. Still happy with the Dakine harnesses and all have been replaced under warranty.

Rob S
VIC, 388 posts
9 May 2013 10:48AM
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sausage said..

In about 5 years have snapped hook off bar 3 times (one side only though) and bent (cracked) bar twice. The bent bar ones are throw aways but the snapped hook ones I have successfully rewelded and have as back up. .

Thanks for your input. Clearly not just a bad batch.

Rob S
VIC, 388 posts
9 May 2013 11:14AM
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I measured the rod diameter used to make my various spreader bars.
And the forward projection from weld to end of hook. (leverage length)

Dakine 5.9 mm 75 mm
Mystic 6.3 mm 50 mm
North 6.3 mm 65 mm
Dynabar 7.8 mm Pivots

Come on Dakine. Fix it.

WA, 218 posts
9 May 2013 10:14AM
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kitesuefboy same happened to me i also use the seat harness

SA, 305 posts
9 May 2013 2:36PM
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have had 2 dakine harnesses . very tough but both broke through weld on same side , thought it was me . have a mystic waist now and it is good but not as comfortable(usually if they are comfortable they are about stuffed)

WA, 6295 posts
9 May 2013 2:09PM
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Yep at the weld, one side.

QLD, 1011 posts
9 May 2013 6:24PM
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I have used Dakines bars on and off for 20 years or more, I only use the standard one that comes with the Pyro waist harness, I used to windsurf every day it was windy and now kite every day it's windy, go pretty hard and have never had one fail.....

WA, 3013 posts
9 May 2013 5:07PM
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I snapped the hook clean off my Dakine Fusion seat harness during a big jump a few years back now, that actual hook snapped not the weld.

It was the first go on my brand new 7.5 Bandit and I was a fair way offshore attempting a transition jump to head back in.
I was still a fairly new kiter and crashed my kite when unexpectedly becoming unhooked at the top of the jump, then when I tried to self rescue I popped the leading edge with the sharp bit left on the spreader bar, so it was off to the repairer after a long swim in.

The second go on that kite it slammed into the water pretty hard during a jump gone wrong and split right through from trailing to leading edge so it was back to the kite repairer again.

By that stage I thought the kite was cursed but I went on to use it for the next couple of years with absolutely no more trouble and it ended up being my favourite kite of that era.

WA, 3601 posts
9 May 2013 5:23PM
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I am really surprised to see these reports on Dakine failures.
Ive used 2 x Dakine harnesses in 10 years and havent had a problem.
Been selling them for the past 3 seasons & havent seen a broken bar or hook come back - even once.
The couple of warranties we have serviced (3) have been for minor random wear issues of straps (1) material (2).
Dakine have replaced each of these with new without question.

From the feedback we get in the shop from all sorts of kiters on all sorts of brands I rate the Dakine right at the top re build quality & durability.In saying that there are quite a few brands that do the job well and even if they dont last the best harness is always the one thats most comfortable for you.
Its all about the cut & the moulding and your own body shape. Better a comfy harness that falls apart in 2 years than un uncomfortable one that will last 5 or 6.

Rob S
VIC, 388 posts
9 May 2013 8:18PM
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Rob S said..

I measured the rod diameter used to make my various spreader bars.
And the forward projection from weld to end of hook. (leverage length)

Dakine....... 5.9 mm ...... 75 mm
Mystic........ 6.3 mm ...... 50 mm
North ........ 6.3 mm ...... 65 mm
Dynabar .... 7.8 mm ...... Pivots

Dakine hooks are failing due to metal fatigue because the S/S rod diameter is too small for the leverage applied to the hook.
I wish one dealer would bite the bullet and tell Dakine that the hook design isn't quite good enough. So easy to fix.

Rob S
VIC, 388 posts
9 May 2013 9:16PM
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So why does the hook fail for some and not others?
I think it depends on what type of kiting you like to do when you ride and maybe how tight you have your harness.

I ride flat water only and do lots of stuff with good boost, spins and loops.
On average, each tack includes one to two boost tricks and ends most times with a backroll transition.
200 hours kiting per year.
1.5 ? minutes per tack.
That's a fair bit of the hook with my weight hanging off the the chicken loop.
And is not just a static load. Quite some impulse load as well.
I figure that's at least 20,000 load / unload cycles per year.

I wear my harness quite tight so hanging from my kite applies a mostly bending load to the hook / weld.
If I allowed the spreader to twist up a bit it would load the hook rod up more in tension and I guess be less damaging to the hook.

With that workload my hook lasted a bit over 18 months.

Am I expecting to much?
There is still plenty of good service left in the harness itself. A testament to the rest of the build quality

WA, 6295 posts
9 May 2013 7:49PM
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I think you have determined the problem with your dimensions above.

NSW, 476 posts
9 May 2013 10:37PM
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I snapped 3 hooks clean break on one side of hook in 3 years using dakine fusion seat harness.Two of these where when I was jumping and turning the kite hard back to where I came from therefore putting heaps of upwards and sideways force at the same time on the hook.Those hooks didnt have the rod across that braces both sides,they do now.Havent had this hook fail for a couple of years now,but then again I have eased up a bit on what broke the other hooks.I do think they should increase their rod diameters and meet the standards that others have.

QLD, 1011 posts
9 May 2013 10:40PM
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Seems like it is a seat harness issue, so maybe you guys need to progress to waist harnesses to save your money on bars.....


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