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Dodging road trains

Created by shodan 4 months ago, 9 Feb 2018
WA, 59 posts
9 Feb 2018 10:23PM
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Some recent heavy rain on Roebuck Plains near Broome gave the local crew an opportunity to kite the Great Northern Highway. We just needed to watch out for some unusual obstacles . And you thought your local had traffic problems!

NSW, 4762 posts
10 Feb 2018 2:39AM
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Nice slider right there.

4201 posts
10 Feb 2018 12:26AM
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Good effort

NSW, 189 posts
10 Feb 2018 7:32AM
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Haha...get to your destination quicker...

WA, 145 posts
10 Feb 2018 9:25AM
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I went through this time last year in my old mans truck the water had just about all gone off the road but all I was looking at was how much flat water there was to kite. Someone had to do it nice work.


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"Dodging road trains" started by shodan