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Double Island Point

Created by Boonty 26 days ago, 11 Mar 2020
QLD, 34 posts
11 Mar 2020 6:56PM
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This place is always way windier than anywhere else in the same area. More so on the southerlies. Is the windgauge in a weird spot?

QLD, 339 posts
11 Mar 2020 7:57PM
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Yes, wind gauge is on top of the hill at the end of the point. Wind gradient (higher you go, stronger the wind) always makes it read higher because the gauge is about 100m higher than the ones at the airport, Tewantin or Beerwah.

QLD, 37 posts
11 Mar 2020 8:09PM
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Use windfinder for double island point, this is more accurate, or check out webcam rainbow beach, this is giving u a better idea what's going on, cheers

NSW, 453 posts
11 Mar 2020 11:50PM
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Sunshine coast seems to be the best place in Australia for at least the next 7 days thanks to the cyclone. If I didn't have work commitments I would be on the next plane.


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"Double Island Point" started by Boonty