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Egg drone

Created by pearl 3 months ago, 5 Dec 2017
NSW, 945 posts
5 Dec 2017 1:23PM
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may be wind efficient?

NSW, 37 posts
5 Dec 2017 1:59PM
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QLD, 595 posts
5 Dec 2017 3:14PM
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Repent! The end is near

NSW, 380 posts
5 Dec 2017 8:03PM
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I dont mind the Tenga Egg, but they're once use only.

Mark _australia
WA, 17327 posts
5 Dec 2017 9:28PM
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I can't see it would fly any better in wind, in cross -section it would not be any smaller than existing drones (more like larger?)
All the internal space to house folded away legs and rotors means less space for battery and motors.

Design student's project that looks cool as it folds up ...?

Convenience at the expense of horsepower and flight time I'd suspect...

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6 Dec 2017 12:55AM
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People will be scrambling to buy them!
I hope the design is patented. Someone might Poach the idea.
It would be a crack up to crash one.
Does it come with a team of all the kings horses and all the kings men? Don't bother they wouldn't be able to put it back together again if they tried.

Also I see another problem. If you drop it into the ocean the electrics will get fried.

NSW, 411 posts
6 Dec 2017 5:33AM
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Boom Boom!

VIC, 226 posts
6 Dec 2017 9:32AM
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With drones you really want to stay with the big couple of brands - unless you aren't that keen on keeping your drone for long. In OZ DJI is it.. Their Mavic would have to have less surface area to be wind effected than this.

WA, 117 posts
6 Dec 2017 8:00AM
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pearl said..

may be wind efficient?

These guys must have been watching this when they came up with the idea.

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6 Dec 2017 3:01PM
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i invented the original power egg back in 76 when i strapped a camera to a football and gave it a punt. out of a entire roll film i got about 6 shots of me and my mates at the park rest was mostly sky or blurry


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