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Hybrid Kitesurf / Kitefoil boards

Created by CJ2478 Two weeks ago, 2 Apr 2019
NSW, 314 posts
2 Apr 2019 8:52AM
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Hi folks,

Does anyone have any experience with the crossover kitesurf / kite foil boards?

I am talking about boards like the duotone hybrid, cabrinha xbreed crossover, f one hybrids, etc...

I am interested in these designs for travel but am unsure whether they would be suitable for everyday use or if the foil mount and the weight of the foil mount hinders the board's ability to perform as a kitesurf board.

Would be great to hear from anyone who has experience riding these boards.

NSW, 1643 posts
2 Apr 2019 9:24AM
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I have a Cabrinha X-Breed. I mostly use it for foiling but have used it in small surf and are happy with the performance. Well made and tough.

QLD, 1496 posts
2 Apr 2019 6:02PM
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A mate of mine has the Duotone & is pretty stoked with it - using as both kite surfboard & foil.

VIC, 2673 posts
3 Apr 2019 6:00AM
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It can be done but there's always some compromise. Which doesn't really matter if you are in it for the fun factor and not focusing all your attention while riding on unnecessary details.

QLD, 322 posts
4 Apr 2019 9:10AM
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Slingshot Converter is sick!

I take it on all my travel trips. 3 boards in 1

Can surf foil, kitesurf & kite foil with it.

5'4" FCSII Fins

It's based off the Angry Swallow design, just a little bit heavier to compensate for the foil box & reinforcements. Is a little noticeable but damn the ease of only having to take one board for 3 sports is pretty epic

West Oz Kite
WA, 221 posts
4 Apr 2019 4:22PM
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Could do you an even better deal at the moment


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