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If you kitesurf at Wanda or Cronulla Beach - READ THIS

Created by KB7 1 month ago, 12 Feb 2021
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12 Feb 2021 8:01AM
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Yesterday in a 20 knot NE wind, the chief lifeguard employed by Sutherland Shire Council spoke to a number of us to spread the word about complaints that Council is receiving about kite surfers this year.

There have also been a few incidents reported at the weekend by the clubbies who man the flags, specifically kiters losing their boards which then run though surfers and swimmers in the white water.
People dropping their kites and not being able to relaunch then going though surfers and into the flagged areas.

It was a friendly warning but we all need to be sensible otherwise council might have to put up a new sign.

1.If you are riding a strapless surfboard and you are losing you board when you wipe out either fit straps or wear a leash to prevent board loss.
2.If its NE/NNE Wanda isn't a good place to kite as there is no wind on the inside and you will drop it- these days if your flying skills are low then kite the bay it will be more fun in this direction.
3.Give the flagged areas a much wider margin - think if I launch here a screw up what will happen - launch further away and stay away.
4.We have no rights of way over anyone in the water even if its blowing 35 knots, keep your distance from everyone (50m officially) and we can all continue to enjoy one of the best beaches in the country.

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12 Feb 2021 10:23AM
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Kiters in beach flagged areas ,this has been an issue since day one . What is the solution ?

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13 Feb 2021 3:29PM
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good luck boys. Hope you can manage to keep your spot open.

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15 Feb 2021 9:02AM
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Every time I have been to Wanda on a weekend in a NE, I have walked down the beach track to check it and like clockwork there will be a kite in water floating through the flags or swimmers. Local crew know how to ride the spot without risk to public.
Anyone who isnt 100% comfortable in waves (or TT'ing - its a sh!t spot to boost off waves in the wind shadow) should go to botany instead.

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15 Feb 2021 1:00PM
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cauncy said..

towradgi said..
Kiters in beach flagged areas ,this has been an issue since day one . What is the solution ?

Haha,tell the Wanda locals, this is always an issue with Perth downwinders, Gold coast downwinders and various flagged beaches Australia wide . Its never gonna stop...

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15 Feb 2021 6:24PM
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Whats the solution?????
Simply remove the flags.

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6 Mar 2021 3:23PM
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Funny... I think I was watching kiters once down there from quite a distance... saw a kite hit the water and waiting, waiting, waiting, thinking are they gonna get the kite back up?!

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6 Mar 2021 10:43PM
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Newbie kiters wearing a leash, hand me the popcorn and "start the music". Respect where you can but every now and then **** happens. Ban kiters from the ocean and ban cars from the roads so much risk out there! Surfers come into the flagged area too, cheeky bastards -c'mon Council! Jokes jokes


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