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Keep The Dream Alive

Created by Tony Armstrong 25 days ago, 1 May 2019
Tony Armstrong
NSW, 339 posts
1 May 2019 6:57AM
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More barrels and smacking the lip than ever from Leo in Indo.


NSW, 276 posts
1 May 2019 8:03AM
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Awesome.What a great set up.
You got it wired.Thanks for sharing.

WA, 7153 posts
1 May 2019 6:40AM
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Nice Colin

shi thouse
WA, 763 posts
1 May 2019 11:04AM
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He's obviously got someone who loves to film him the whole time. Would assume that the above edit would have hours of filming done before getting to the chopping block. Personally could be thinking of better things to be doing when in Indo...rather than sitting behind a camera.

WA, 6976 posts
1 May 2019 12:55PM
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How good are those waves...!!


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"Keep The Dream Alive" started by Tony Armstrong