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Ozone bar safety check - missing and loose screws

Created by Surfer62 > 9 months ago, 22 Mar 2016
VIC, 1256 posts
22 Mar 2016 9:22AM
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I was cleaning my ozone bar and noticed one missing screw and one loose screw in the chicken loop release housing.

Not sure what would have happened if the second and only remaining screw fell out but probably not good, check your ozone bars.

QLD, 727 posts
22 Mar 2016 9:32AM
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Pretty sure there was a recall on the ozone bars to drop back to your local distributor for longer screws

I know my local shop has bags full of replacements

WA, 7212 posts
22 Mar 2016 7:35AM
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Brought this up just after release so it's been around a while
Remove and apply thread lock
Re fit
Maintenance of your equipment

QLD, 60 posts
22 Mar 2016 10:28AM
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2016 bar ?

VIC, 1256 posts
22 Mar 2016 11:34AM
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antlanglands said..
2016 bar ?


QLD, 387 posts
22 Mar 2016 12:52PM
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Like Gilly said Chock

I had the same issue with my 2014 Ozone Bar. There was a safety recall to take it to any Local Kite Shop and have them do the repair of slightly longer screws and some Loctite.

Hope all is well down your way maaate! Hope to catch up again one of these fine days, maybe in Bali again

WA, 3154 posts
22 Mar 2016 11:24AM
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It might be an old topic revisited but I just checked mine and both screws are loose. Cheers for the heads up.

Ozone Kites Aus
NSW, 775 posts
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22 Mar 2016 1:58PM
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There was a recall notice about this in 2013/14, it only affected some bars. Somehow a batch of undersized screws found their way into the assembly line. The issue does not affect the operation of the safety system or general use of the bar, and I've seen people using bars with no screws in them.
The screws just hold the metal plate in place, which in turn stops the spinning black plastic centre part or body of the Megatron from coming out, BUT the mainline holds it in too, thats why there have been no incidents with this issue.
Any dealer should have screws, if not or you are a handyman go to any store that sells screws and bolts, and they will have 10mm long counter sunk stainless screws that will fit. Do not overtighten, they are screwing into plastic.

Most bars were not affected, and no 2015 or 16 bars are affected.


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