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Shinn Monk Repairs

Created by Shaggus Wednesday, 17 Apr 2019
VIC, 4 posts
Wednesday , 17 Apr 2019 4:44PM
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Hi all. looking to see if there is a repairer in Vic that will do my board justice. As this is not the normal construction; I am looking for someone that has completed repairs to these boards previously. There a scratches, scuff marks (not a real issue) but the edge is needing some repairs. (hit a Coral Reef..)

Thanks; Shaggers

WA, 7044 posts
Wednesday , 17 Apr 2019 5:56PM
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Flogged by original , deep scratches and wear on the edges , it's a gorilla on the base not a show pony, only if you get a visual on timber core is it worth messing with,
but a sand and recoat of clear
Using correct product if your ocd

VIC, 1035 posts
Wednesday , 17 Apr 2019 10:01PM
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we have coral reef in Vicco? Might have to break out the snorkel


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"Shinn Monk Repairs" started by Shaggus