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Tassie kiting in Dec/jan

Created by Filibo21 8 months ago, 12 Aug 2018
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12 Aug 2018 4:40PM
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Hi all,

im consideringa trip to visit tassie in late dec/early jan and wander if it is a good time to kite ? What are the best spots and the winds like at that time of year?

thank you!

WA, 7051 posts
12 Aug 2018 7:16PM
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Just had an epic trip to Tasmania, imho the place isn't just about the kiting, if your going just for that you'll be disappointed ,compared to home the wind was unreliable , but there's heaps of other stuff to do, apparently the winds better around that time of year, I did 14 days and scored 2 insane sessions , and a couple of decent sessions, I wasn't hunting down the wind apart from one spot,

one of my sessions I had would rate up there as my most memorable, secluded with one poley 8 ft and 30/35 knts, I was pinging, great spot Tasmania I'll go back for sure,
the windsurfers guide was really helpful , grab a camper your gear and a mountain bike, f.......g wicked

TAS, 427 posts
13 Aug 2018 9:53AM
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Kiting in Tassie is pretty hit-and-miss. When it's on it's awesome. But it does not have the clockwork regularity of seabreezes you might find elsewhere.

That time of year the west coast around Marrawah can have some great wind and swell. Some of the places aren't for the faint of heart, but it can be great. East coast around Bicheno or down towards Marions can be pretty good too I hear, although I don't get the chance to get down that way myself. North coast can get some good sessions, especially if we get the noreasters. Be prepared to drive to find the best place to go.

If you're after flat water spots, around Stanley is your best bet

It's a reasonable chance you will be by yourself wherever you end up. So you can't just see where everyone else is going out and rely on that. There are a few guides around to best places to kite, but there is so much local knowledge about best place for what weather pattern and tide that the guides can really oversimplify it. Be prepared to make your own decisions about the places to go out. And there will not be anyone to help if things go pear-shaped, so make sure you have decent self-rescue skills and have thought about exit strategies etc. I have had some VERY long, lonely swims

I love the kiting here. It's varied and interesting. We get lots of people touring around so you should find something to make you smile

TAS, 151 posts
18 Aug 2018 6:31PM
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if u stalk the Tas forums (incl windsurf) the locals are v friendly... or see my post history from 2011-2013...

TAS, 253 posts
22 Aug 2018 8:29PM
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Great time to come. Get yourself a camper or bring your own car down and travel around the state. Usually on your own most of the time. There is a crew up north and down south. And a few spread around the state.
Plenty to do when it's not windy. You can pretty much kite anywhere.


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