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Thailand kite trip: Mid March-mid April. Anyone???

Created by HarryInSpace > 9 months ago, 29 Feb 2012
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29 Feb 2012 10:41PM
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Hey all

I just booked in at the last minute for an instructors course (AITC and ITC) in Pranburi, Thailand from 16th-23rd March. Awesome!

But I figured hey, its so cheap, why not stay for another few weeks! So I'm gonna stay till mid April, and thought I'd put the word out in case anyone was keen to do a bit of a trip with me...

I'm an easy going 30 year old single lad, and plan to kite every (well, most) days, do a bit of sightseeing and party like a 25 year old. I'm takin a couple of cameras and will do some filming too (I'm a cameraman for a living)

- Prob travel/kite between Bangkok and Koh Phangan
- I'm gonna hit the full moon party (8th April) and
- The Thai new year (the 2 day country wide water fight) is from 13th-15th April
- Jetstar do about a $750 return to Melb-Bangkok, including 20kg's check-in luggage
- Accom is ~$10-15 / night, food is ~$10 / day livin like a king
- Conditions ( "February to mid May - Sea breezes 12-20 knots side onshore, kicking in around 11:00, building until around 18:00 then decreasing as the sun goes down"...."flat water, wide swallow sandy beaches, no speedboats jet skis or banana boats disturbing and a huge area for kite surfers."
- I'm taking a 14m and a 10m
- Climate: Min's as low as 25 degrees, Max's as high as 35. ~75% humidity. Bugger all rain. Water temp a balmy 29-30 degrees

Feel free to msg me if you're keen or just post back on this thread

Hope to see a couple crew come along!



SA, 5 posts
2 Mar 2012 11:59AM
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If anyone that's been kiting in Thailand has any tips or can recommend particular spots, I would love to hear your thoughts and advice...

VIC, 434 posts
2 Mar 2012 9:25PM
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hey bud... you lucky bastard... tempted to quit work and join you...
- wind usually in morning but iwas there during january...
- take 12m atleast
- shroom shakes and kiting dont mix
- dont take girlfriend.. plenty of replacements there
- when u go out on the piss try and remember that the 1000 bah notes look a lot like the 10 bah notes.. i went out one night and managed to blow 500 bucks in thailand!!!
- not that i remeber what i actually spent it on .... [}:)]
- be nice to the locals.... awesome ppl... and be wary of them as well... they are very witty in the main stream towns.. they will play u like a champion
- if you go to Kopangyang dont drink buckets and drive your scooter home.... its some nasty ****!!!

VIC, 434 posts
2 Mar 2012 9:27PM
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ps... dont hire a jet ski mate ... youve been warned

NSW, 4201 posts
2 Mar 2012 11:28PM
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will there be lady boys....?

(other than the attending kiters)

NSW, 26 posts
3 Mar 2012 1:01AM
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not got time to read through all ur stuff mate but i will be over there for a week at least in that time. have got a post on here running already about that area.
Will get in touch inthe next few days to make a plan if u like.
Will be going where there is wind so not defo staying in that point as Hua Hin (close by) looks good too
Cheers mate

NSW, 131 posts
3 Mar 2012 1:10AM
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why you lookin for a new toy doc

SA, 5 posts
12 Mar 2012 3:03PM
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Hey the dong

Nice tips mate.. already onto the not taking a girlfriend thing :p
And im taking a 14m and a 10m, so should be sweet there.
Watched a program on 60 minutes and sunday yesterday, and they had some stuff on thailand and laos and people getting into strife.. bit of an eye opener!

Should be an awesome time!

Happypants.. your spot on - going places where there is wind! i'll send you an email.. cheers. also, couldnt find your thread that you posted..?

WA, 964 posts
12 Mar 2012 1:59PM
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i all the things that bite what wrong with the jetskis??

QLD, 1260 posts
12 Mar 2012 6:59PM
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e0422713 said...

i all the things that bite what wrong with the jetskis??

Well that 10 year old beat up jet ski you brought back was brand new when you took it, now thats gonna cost you!

WA, 175 posts
12 Mar 2012 5:03PM
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Do not leave your passport as security when you hire anything..... especially jet skis!!!

QLD, 10 posts
12 Mar 2012 7:27PM
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yer i've heard bad stories bout jetskis but i hired on and snapped the battery terminal off with no dramas
u gotta hit bangala road in patong beach one night
and barter hard dont be scared of walkin away the shop next door sell the exact same ****
enjoy ya lucky bastard

WA, 189 posts
13 Mar 2012 12:32AM
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I traveled Thailand for 2 months.. All I can say is don't believe all the sh!t you see on tv.. Yes it oes happen but they hell pull it out of context.. Just be responsible and you be fine! A few tips though:

Go to Koh phi phi, this is where "the beach" is filmed
Go to Kao sok, absolutely beautiful nature reserve where you sleep in floating bamboo raft houses in the middle of the jungle.
Get ur diving cert for bugger all in Koh Tao, close to Koh phangan where the full moon party is.
Be careful with drugs. There are scammers out there that work for police. But some bars pay off the cops to be able to sell it. Like mushroom mountain at the full moon party
If you want the best chicken you will even have, go to chicken corner at the ull moon party, it's unforgettable.
Cool white water rafting and quad biking up north near chaing maii.
In Bangkok stay on Kao San road..
wake boarding cable park in Phuket
Maybe step across the border to Laos and go tubing!!

There is so much more to say but you'll have to see for yourself! Enjoy!

WA, 33 posts
14 Apr 2012 1:25AM
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Currently at Hua Hin Thailand, been here 2 days now and the wind has been 15 to 18kn. Best wind so far has been 12 to 3pm.
Take no notice of windfinder or wind guru for hua hin. I would add +50% to the southerly forcast.

You can check the current wind speed and a view of the action on the water on webcam.


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