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Kite Surf Palm Beach to The Entrance

Created by corporatemonkey > 9 months ago, 13 May 2017
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13 May 2017 12:22PM
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Hey Guys, A friend and I are going to Kite Surf from Palm Beach in Sydney up the Central Coast on Monday, it's a direct 32km run and the 20 Knot Southerly on Monday means we can most likely make it in just over an hour. Let me know if you would like to join us. We have an apartment up there with a heated rooftop pool, Spa, Gym on the waterfront. possibly stay overnight or head back on Tuesday morning. We have a large van for extra people and gear, we leave from Surry Hills area Monday morning to head up to palm beach. I'm just organising the safety beacons and support boat. Call me on 0470 706 606 or message. it's going to be awesome!

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13 May 2017 5:24PM
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What's the address, I'll meet you in the spa.

sounds awesome, but beyond my skills!

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16 May 2017 1:35PM
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Any news on how this went?

I didn't think the southerly was as strong as originally forecast..

Very interested


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"Kite Surf Palm Beach to The Entrance" started by corporatemonkey